Putting Adams Irons to the Test

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Adams Golf Irons are one of the lesser known of the well-designed brands of irons. Built in Plano, Texas, Adams is a smaller operation in the sense that the company can make alterations and implement designs faster than the big names in golf equipment. One of the most important parts of any golfer’s game, the irons serve a great role in long and short approaches.

The irons recently produced by Adams have been some of the most advanced on the market. Featuring complex weight systems on the heel of each club, new Adams Golf Irons give the player a fuller, rounder swing that can propel the ball to new heights and distances. Another advantage to buying Adams Golf Irons is that prices are somewhat lower, but the quality is comparable to that of bigger companies. Adams is committed to its golfing community and takes pride in extraordinary customer service: providing repair services and custom fittings for prospective buyers in addition to other accommodations.

Because Adams is a relatively popular brand in the global golf scene, finding places to purchase such irons or sets is becoming increasingly easier. Dick’s Sporting Goods stores located throughout the United States offer a variety of Adams brand irons. Retailing for approximately $200 USD per iron set, these irons are a good purchase for the intermediate and even professional players that are working their way up the ladder. Buyers have many options when shopping with Adams: the style, material, shape, weight, and even color of the face or grip can be customized across the nine lines of Adams Golf Irons.

One line of irons produced by Adams is IDEA Pro a12. This steal head model features heel to toe weighting, a hollowed out back and triple milled face groves for the ultimate control and precision. IDEA Pro a12 has earned favorable reviews and its proven performance and swing stability has made this model one of the most popular sets of Adams irons.

Another model features the up and coming standard in the world of golf irons: hybrid weighting. With hybrid irons, the club is essentially turned into another driver or wood. The Redline Hybrid Series is designed for distance; one study shows that the Redline Hybrid 3 iron tacks on eleven or more yards onto a stroke as well as reaching a greater height while airborne. Because the even distribution of weight and contoured, rounded face design, the Redline Series provides long distance hitting capabilities, while giving the user satisfaction with a clean, crisp swing every time.

Cleveland Rocks: An Inside Look at Cleveland Golf Irons

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Cleveland Golf is known for its lines of iron and wedge golf clubs. Based in Huntington Beach, California, Cleveland’s small operation allows for an increased customer relationship and investment in the finest technology available. Not only is the company known for its products, but for its services as well: custom fitting and designs are available for a hefty cost, but are well worth the investment.

One of the best places to buy Cleveland Golf Irons is probably a large, national retail store. Why? Well, the larger the store, the greater the variety of clubs and the more availability of particular models and styles as well as allowing golfers to test out the clubs and possibly purchase at a discounted price. Stores such as Dick’s Sporing Goods, Golf Smith, and the PGA Outlet Store are just some national chains to consider when doing the final consideration of Cleveland or other brand clubs.

Cleveland is one of the more popular and pricey brands for irons and wedges. Many of the designs are redesigned or reassessed every year so buyers are sure to get the most advanced and appropriate club. The downside to Cleveland’s commitment to technology is that with each passing year, the previous year’s model is considered outdated. Nevertheless, Cleveland Golf Irons are at the top of their game and are routinely counted on by professionals and amateurs to get the job done: whether it is from 150 yards away from the green or 5 yards outside the fringe, Cleveland can accomplish the task.

One model of Cleveland Golf Irons that incorporates some of the finest material and technology available in the world is the CG7 Black Pearl Series. Named to the 2010 Golf Digest Hotlist, these irons feature laser milled groves to increase the spin potential. Spin potential of course is very important on long iron shots so that the ball bounces forward, adding distance to the shot. On short, chip shots, the spin potential allows a skilled golfer to bring back the ball from an overshot situation as well as give the ball the chance to gain momentum, follow the contour of the green and park near the pin. CG7 Black Pearl Irons also utilize the up and coming standard to clubs: heel to toe weighting. Having a bit more velocity on the follow-through, the club increases forgiveness for the off center shots, while adding a noticeable distance.

Cleveland also produces some of the best wedges too. Maintaining the highest quality of material and science, these wedges are tour proven and a welcomed addition to any golfer’s bag. The cost of full sets of Cleveland Golf Irons vary, but an average cost for the basic, non-customized set is about $250 USD. Individual wedges and even three-piece sets of wedges are also available at major stores for anywhere from $35 per club to $90 for a set that includes a gap, sand, and lob wedge: truly a great deal while supplies last.

Built by Professionals for Professionals: Callaway Golf Clubs

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Callaway Golf Clubs are one of the most recognized and purchased clubs on the world market. Having outlets all over the world as well as serving as the equipment sponsor for many notable names in golf, Callaway is headquartered in Southern California and has always been the All-American company. Used and recommended by professionals such as Trevor Immelman, Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, and even Annika Sorenstam, Callaway equipment stands above its competitors in many ways. The highest grade materials, testing center, and product innovation all add to why Callaway is so successful on and off the course.

Since the Callaway name is considered an upscale brand around the globe, there may be some difficulty in finding the right set of clubs. Although major sporting good chains and even some smaller stores sell Callaway Golf Clubs, these are often the generic versions and do not come with the proverbial “bells and whistles” that may be desired by the prospective golfer. Individual clubs may be a bit easier to come by since stores do not have to buy or stock the entire set in order to make a sale. This is common among wedges, putters, and driver, but irons usually are sold in sets.

Some Callaway buyers also look custom building, designing their set of clubs. Between the grip, shaft, grooves, bags, and even balls, buyers may have a say in how their equipment performs as well as the material of which it is produced. Used or pre-owned clubs on the other hand may be wise for the amateur golfer that want to get a taste of how the professionals play. The downside to the investment in used Callaway’s is that the technology is ever changing: not that the buyer will receive an inferior product, but the impression may be different because of the age and wear of the clubs.

One example of the ever changing technology in Callaway Golf Clubs is in the newly developed Diablo Octane Driver. The Diablo offers the latest technology with a lightweight carbon fiber head that allows for a faster and harder swing than the preceding titanium, aluminum, or steel models. Also built with a graphite shaft, Diablo has been tested and has performed better than many other brand drivers as well as other Callaway drivers by an average eight yards. Another note on the Callaway brand is that the company boasts the number one putter in the golf community. The Odyssey line of putters produced by Callaway has been named to the 2011 Golf Digest Hot List because of the line’s ability to essentially outdo nature: a responsive, lightweight, and scientifically proven putter that can navigate a ball over a rolling green and along the toughest reads in the game.

The Right Way To Carry Precious Cargo: Callaway Golf Bags

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Callaway Golf Bags are one of the most recognized and purchased brand of bags in the golf community. The trademark boomerang logo is the highlight on the side of thousands of golf bags, shoes, balls, and clubs that grace golf courses around the globe. Some of the professionals to carry Callaway bags and products include David Leadbetter, Phil Mickelson, and Vicky Hurst among others.

Founded by a wine maker in California, the Callaway Company has been the epitome of luxury and style since its inception in 1983. Presently, Callaway bags can be found across the country in a number of major retail chains as well as exclusive pro-shops and clubhouses, which only add to the recognition and reputation of the company.

The ubiquity of Callaway products and more specifically, golf bags, comes with a great advantage to the prospective buyer; shopping around may result in a better price as well as unique, custom designed bags. Made from the highest grade materials and repeatedly tested, redesigned, Callaway Golf Bags are some of the longest lasting, resilient, most luxurious, and most expensive available: however, the product is worth the price.

Since there are over ten styles of Callaway Golf Bags, prospective buyers must identify what a particular bag needs to have in order to make the correct purchase. First, make the distinction between stand or cart bags; a carrying, stand bag is designed for a golfer that tends to walk the course or has fewer clubs than say a professional. Stand bags are lightweight, provide a built-in stand, and maintain some of the features that are common in larger, tour bags. One of Callaway’s top stand bags is the Hyper-Lite 4.0 model. Voted one of the hottest bags of 2011 by Golf Digest, the Hyper-Lite 4.0 comes in six different color schemes and with a multitude of standard and luxury features. This four pound bag has a six-way divider for the most organized club configuration, a contoured strap system, ergonomic handles, a foam pad that hits the player’s hip when carrying the bag, and several pockets. More than seven pockets with zippers can be found on Hyper-Lite 4.0 that range in function from a scorecard holder to an apparel pouch and separate ball and tee pockets.

On the cart bag side of Callaway, the company offers its tour quality RAZR Staff Bag. Sizing in at 13 pounds empty and a 10.5 inch diameter top, the RAZR Staff Bag is both functionally and stylishly sound. The comfort of the double shoulder strap, a new style of carrying handle, and the perfect balance base all add to the desirability of the bag. Other features of the RAZR Staff Bag include ten pockets for valuables, golf balls, water bottle, shoes, apparel, and scorecard, which is rounds out the bags notable amenities. This bag is not for everyone, including professionals on the tour so it is advised to try out the bag and see if it is the right fit: the RAZR Staff Bag retails for approximately $300 USD, but could run more depending on custom features that are available at Callaway Golf Bag outfitters.

The Sweetest Sound On Earth: Ping Golf Irons

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The sound of a Ping Golf Iron is something that is music to the ears of any golfer. Founded by a former engineer, Ping originally produced putters in the late 1950’s, but quickly broadened its line to keep up with demand and the times. Historically, Ping came into prominence as the “winningest” brand putter because of more than 500 professional golf wins as well as the heel to toe weighting technology that the company designed. Introduced and popularized in 1969, the “69” model of irons began Ping’s claim to fame on the game of golf outside of just putting; since that point, Ping has produced countless lines of irons, but also introduced and engineered some of the greatest technology in the short game and iron industry.

Currently, Ping produces seven models of irons, Ping not only uses the most advanced technology, but also continuously develops and tests new features, science, and products at its private and all-inclusive facility in Phoenix, Arizona. An interesting and well known model of Ping Golf Irons is i15. Made of a composite material including Tungsten, the i15 line is essentially on the center of the Ping scale in terms of playability. Offering moderate forgiveness and a medium trajectory, the club face is average size and ultimately combines the style of the old game with the technology and efficiency of the new game.

The price of Ping Golf Irons vary depending on the gender, material, and specific qualities of the set. However, buyers can expect to pay approximately $500 USD for a new, upscale lie of Ping Golf Irons. The investment is well worth it because reviews of the i15, K15, and new G20 series indicate that several players have added distance as well as improve accuracy after testing and buying the famous brand. Although all brands and clubs are not created equally, Ping’s illustrious past and devoted present has set itself apart from competitors by means of success and how the company is able to change the game: one swing at a time.

Shopping for Ping takes little effort. The brand is nationally and internationally recognized for its professionally built and serviced products. One suggestion when in the market for anything Ping is to look at both local and chain stores. Local stores may be a bit more expensive, but the service may be tailored specifically to golf, which can provide the prospective buyer with an unbiased review of the clubs. National chains like Dick's Sporting Goods or Sports Authority provide products at a discounted rate, but the staff may not be as knowledgeable about the specifics of one brand of one sporting good as opposed to the other.

Ping Golf Bags: One Of The Best Ways to Carry Your Golf Clubs

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Ping was originally founded by a former General Electric engineer who produced putters from a garage in the late 1950’s, but became involved in all aspects of the golf industry by the late 1960’s: designing and selling irons, bags, and everything in between. Although Ping became known as the “winningest” brand putter in all of golf, other aspects of the brand, game virtually went unsung for years. Ping Golf Bags are one of the highest quality and used bags in the game of golf; however, because golf bags are not necessarily integral to one’s game, the comments or reviews of the many models of Ping Golf Bags are few and far between.

Eight different models of bags that range from easy to maneuver stand bags or the tour classic cart bag. One of the stand bags that is popular among college teams and casual players is the 4 Under model. Made from a lightweight, durable, waterproof material, the 4 Under is economically built and priced for any skilled golfer. Coming in at just under four pounds, this two-strapped, ergonomic design offers four pockets for balls, tees, accessories, and apparel as well as a hip pad, umbrella holder, and a four-way club divider that all sit upon strong, retractable legs.

As for the cart models of Ping Golf Bags, the T9.5 Bag is used by several players out on tour, but by club champions and amateur players around the country. The T9.5 Bag is just one notch below the Tour Staff Bag that is made popular by the big name is golf; however, T9.5 is the perfect bag for those players just starting out in the professional realm: cost and feature efficient. With eight pockets, one veelour-lined valuables pocket, and a six-way club divider, the T9.5 Bag is sensible, stylish, and a great option for golfers with a large collection of clubs and items to take out on the course.

Competitive shopping is key to any successful purchase: golf bags included. Used Ping Golf Bags may be a bit more difficult to come by, but garage sales or flea markets in the area are great places for a possible purchase: Ping bags stand the test of time so there is a sting likelihood that when someone comes across a used Ping, it is in relatively good condition. New bags to carry a bit more cost, but with a splurge on a new bag, users will be exposed to the best technology in the bag sector of the golf industry.

Since the Ping brand is popular with professionals, amateurs, frequent players, casual players, teachers of the game, and those learning the game, the only logical decision when in the market for nothing more than a bag, make it a Ping Golf Bag and enjoy all of it's capabilities.

On the Market: OGIO Golf Bags

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OGIO was founded on the basis for producing quality and uniquely designed gear bags. Since OGIO is not necessarily a nationally known name, finding a store that sells OGIO products is relatively difficult to come by. The company is based in Utah so many of the mountain-west states may carry products as well as stores that feature backpacking and BMX equipment. OGIO has made an impact on those specific niche markets so stores that appeal to those customers may also sell golf bags.

However, the most successful tool used for buying a OGIO Golf Bag is the internet. Featuring all of its products and providing free shipping on all golf bag orders, the OGIO website is the best way to research and purchase a bag.

OGIO produces 17 lines of bags that are available in countless color schemes and with countless combinations of accessories and amenities that make each line unique and highly desired in the amateur market. Not the best bag perhaps, but certainly not the worst, OGIO Golf Bags are perfect for the casual or young golfer: offering lightweight models that can endure a significant amount of wear and tear or time sitting in the garage waiting for action on the course.

Retailing for $100 USD or so, OGIO stand bags like the Wire, Featherlite or Ozone lines are on the lower-end of cost, but provide features that have become standard in the industry. The Wire line, for example, accommodates the young golfer or frequent walker with many comfortable amenities: a hip pad, ergonomic plastic grips, plenty of storage pouches, and a water bottle net for easier access. Lines like the Grom, Edge, and Diva are upscale stand bags that incorporate the luxuries of a visible ball pocket, handy towel ring, a golf glove attachment, and tee slots in addition to the aforementioned amenities for the smaller models.

For about $200 USD, OGIO cart bags such as the Kingpin, Assassin, or Sultan lines are geared toward the frequent player or the few tour players that carry a OGIO Golf Bag. Features in some of the more luxury OGIO cart bags include more pockets, more club divisions, more spaces for tees, balls, and apparel as well as a stable and sturdy base for an easy fit into any golf cart.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a golf bag so be sure to do some research before committing to any bag: OGIO included. As the perfect beginner or light-use bag, OGIO provides the most for the money and can be one of the up and coming brands as the game of golf rises in popularity amongst youth all over the world.

Going the Distance with Callaway Golf Irons

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Callaway Golf Irons are one of the best-known, purchased, and recommended brands of irons and clubs available today. The Callaway Company was founded in the wine country region of California and has been the epitome of luxury and style since its inception in 1983. Today, Callaway irons can be found across the country in a number of major retail chains as well as local pro-shops and clubhouses. Some of the notable professionals that use Callaway products and irons specifically are Master’s winners Trevor Immelman, Phil Mickelson, and Gary Player as well as LPGA stars Annika Sorenstam and Morgan Pressel.

Because the irons are the most utilized and important clubs in any golfer’s bag, Callaway is committed to excellence in its short and long range iron collections. Made from the highest quality and researched materials as well as being heavily designed and tested, Callaway Golf Irons are some of the best performing clubs that money can buy. Irons are typically sold in sets so buyers should be aware of the costs as well as the specifications of each model in order to be satisfied and have exact needs met with their set of clubs. The likelihood of finding a single club or even a set of used Callaway Golf Irons is moderate, but with the continuously changing iron technology, an investment in such a find may not be strongly recommended. However, if there is a deal to be had in used clubs, test the set out and even buy them so as to get a feel for what the older models of Callaway irons are capable of: the new editions are even better.

There are currently seven lines of Callaway Golf Irons being produced. Each line offers something unique to the player, whether it is the lightweight, composite material or a hybrid head, or even just the general style. One of the noted lines of Callaway Golf Irons is RAZR X model. With the RAZR X, golfers will benefit from the maximum distance and forgiveness design for the best possible performance and technologically diversity set available. Weighted for a loftier and farther shot, the RAZR X series leads the way for a thin framed head, flexible shaft, and precision cut grooves that allow for a better grasp on the ball.

If the old school, steel iron is not the perfect fit, consider investigating the premier line of hybrid irons that are produced by the premier golf company: Callaway. If one cannot decide on a particular model, not to fear, Callaway is profoundly committed it its customers that it schedules fitting sessions and diagnostic tests for the best possible experience and the best possible set of clubs.

What are the Best Golf Irons Available

So many companies claim to have the “best” brand name golf irons, but who is really producing the best golf irons? According to several players, golf professionals, and tour champion players, Callaway makes the best irons on the market. Originally discovered in the wine country region of California, Callaway became the epitome of luxury and style with its various products. In today’s market Callaway irons can be found across the country in a number of major retail chains as well as local pro-shops and clubhouses and have become noted as some of the best golf irons. Professionals currently touring and using Callaway irons include Master’s winners Trevor Immelman, Phil Mickelson, and Gary Player as well as Annika Sorenstam and Morgan Pressel of the LPGA.

Callaway uses the highest quality and performing materials available. The testing facility at Callaway also is known for researching a club until it literally breaks from so much wear. Ultimately, the research and testing pays off with some of the finest products on the market including the Best Golf Irons. Finding some of the best irons does not have to come with a cost: discounts are available at large retail outlets or through online sources. Custom fittings are also offered by Callaway, which is yet another service that sets them apart from the rest.

Now, how might one come across a used set of the Best Golf Irons. Well as one of the more popular brands of apparel available, the problem is not finding a set, but rather affording them. Retailing for approximately $700 USD, the Diablo Forged Iron collection offers the best in technology, comfort, and other important aspects that golf equipment need to have. As the most strategic and important clubs, Callaway has and continues to be committed to excellence in its short and long range iron collections.

As one of the best lines of irons, the Diablo Forged Irons is not only favored by those on tour, but also club champions, ranked NCAA golfers, and the average player too. Diablo Forged Irons incorporate some of the best science for the price and are bound to improve any golfer’s performance out on the course. Some of the intended features of the Diablo Forged Iron series is a lightweight shaft for a faster swing, a smooth club head for perfect club-ground-ball contact, and a unique and custom-feeling grip that is both comfortable and functional when swinging one hundred percent or just ten percent. Benefits of the Diablo series include adding a profound distance onto every stroke, an industry comparable loft, and the rounded ‘blade’ for a more forgiving swing.

No Need to Fear, Cobra Golf Irons are Here

Cobra Golf has experienced a rich and at times, famous past. Founded by an amateur Australian golfer in 1973, the company began producing one of the most utilized and complex utility clubs of its day. By the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Cobra began pioneering graphite technology and experimenting with composite metals for its drivers, irons, and putters. In 1991, the Cobra Golf Company and its famed Cobra Golf Irons saw a boost in popularity and performance when legendary golfer, Greg Norman, began endorsing the line of products. By 1992, the King Cobra oversized iron collection became the leading line of irons in he world and the company never looked back.

Today, Cobra’s popularity may have settled, but the company’s past is as much the present and future as can be: remodeling and redesigning lines that made the company successful in the 1990’s have given new life to the Cobra name. Some of the current Cobra Golf Iron lines include Cobra S3 Max, Cobra S3 Iron-Hybrids, and Cobra S2 Forged.

In the Cobra S2 Forged line, golfers are treated to superior control, carbon steel milled grooves, and a cavity optimized for the ideal, center-out weighting. The cost of purchasing this particular set is about $600 USD, but is well worth the investment for it will radically change one’s game for the better. Hybrid models are becoming increasingly popular among amateur and even professional players because of the forgiveness and improvement to a shot that is provided with a hybrid club. In the game of hybrid irons, Cobra may be lesser known, which may be to the fault of buyers themselves. Cobra manufactures several lines that are mixed iron-hybrids and can compete directly with the more famous brands and in some cases outperform them: a reference to one Cobra S3 Max Iron-Hybrid 7 iron versus a Adams IDEA a7. Of course results may very and may not be able to be reproduced, but it only takes one great shot to go from a potential par to the beloved birdie.

Ranging in material, style, shape, and function, what seems to be the only constant across Cobra lines is that each club maintains the signature gold and black color scheme that sets Cobra apart from the other name brands of golf clubs. Another unique quality to Cobra Golf Irons is that both male and female styles are very similar in performance and upon inspection of the Cobra website, each model has an opposite gender counterpart. What this means for players is that no one gender has the advantage over the other and that the quality of the clubs are universally controlled at the manufacturing plant.

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