The Expanding Grasp of Mizuno Sports: Mizuno Golf Irons

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Mizuno is a well known name across the sports industry so it is natural that the company looks to expand its name and presence in the golf sector. Mizuno Golf Irons are the latest and greatest product to come out of this Japanese founded, Norcross, Georgia based company. Having coined the philosophy “never settle,” Mizuno’s one hundred year history has been highlighted with improving the performance of countless athletes across every major sport known on the planet. Golf being the focus of late, Mizuno is now considered to be a major player in the industry and has signed some of the premier names to its roster: the likes of Luke Donald, Charles Howell III and Stacy Lewis have all played with Mizuno Golf Irons and now have a vested interest in the growth and promotion of the brand from an amateur to professional grade.

Since Mizuno Golf remains in its infancy, the availability of its products on a local level is hit-or-miss. However, Mizuno’s national presence has dominated the market for a few years and has brought several key advancements to the game. Keeping in close competition with older, higher end brands like Callaway or Cleveland, Mizuno tries to provide the best possible, quality product, while attempting to keep costs to the consumer relatively low.

Bringing ten models to the market, Mizuno Golf Irons range in features from the classic straight steel head to the technologically advanced hybrid editions. First, golfers will have to choose between one of two game developing lines: the JPX Game Improvement model and the MP Game Enhancement model. The JPX Game Improvement line offers clubs developed with a deep cavity for maximum forgiveness and greater accuracy, a larger “sweet spot” on the club face to give golfers the added delight of a properly struck ball, and finally, a uniquely designed groove pattern for greater loft, bounce, and power potential. The MP Game Enhancement line is the proverbial older brother to the JPX line. With the MP Game Enhancement collection, golfers are able to experience even greater ball control, a soft, fluid swing emanating from the perfected weighting system, and the patent-pending “V” slot cavity in the back and “U-grooves” in the front to totally enhance an already decent, middle handicapped game.

Depending on which of the ten lines or many wedges is chosen by the prospective golfer, Mizuno Golf Iron sets typically retail for $700 USD. Although the company is currently the brand of choice for amateurs and young professionals, Mizuno remains committed to its customers and will be growing in the future to include more famous names and even better quality products.

Where and How to Find Golf Clubs for Sale

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Interested in picking up the game of golf or just ready for a new set of clubs? Well the game of golf is nothing without the hard-working set of clubs behind the player. The biggest questions facing anyone in the market for the best golf clubs are where can golf clubs for sale be found? The answer to that question is simple: with a little research anyone can find and buy golf clubs.

The first thing to consider when looking for golf clubs for sale is the budget; clubs can range from very cheap to very expensive and anywhere in between so it is important to have a grasp on the economic perspective of the purchase. Next, golfers should identify what golf clubs are needed or how many are needed. Drivers are usually the most costly tool in the golf bag, while wedges and even some putters retail for significantly less. Buying an expensive club is not always the best investment: the club is only as good as the player so do not expect a $300 USD Callaway driver to outperform a $50 off-brand driver when the player is inexperienced or has a higher handicap.

Another item to consider when researching golf clubs is the new or used predicament. Used golf clubs can be found all over the place: garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops, and other places. Negotiation is completely appropriate for the used market setting and can result in deeply discounted and even high-end golf clubs. New clubs, on the other hand, can be found at major retail outlets or smaller shops and golf courses.

Depending on the particular style of club, different brands of Golf Clubs for Sale are suitable for purchasing. In a driver, players should look for both an economical and ergonomically fit to the budget and bag. Callaway, Nike, and Taylormade clubs are more expensive, but are considered to be worth the money as well as comfortable during the stroke. Irons are one of the most important and utilized sets in the bag so to splurge on this aspect of the game is logical. Cleveland, Ping, and some smaller name brands make reliable clubs that feature the latest and greatest technology to increase loft, forgiveness, and distance to the shot. Wedges are one of the hardest sets of clubs to define a company: materials, weighting, and other aspects go into shaping the price and success of the club. Cleveland is most noted for the production of wedges like the sand, lob, and gap styles.

Putters are considered the “closer” to any golfer’s game. With hundreds of companies producing putters, there are many aspects to consider before buying. Not only is price important, but so is the style. Tall handles or heavy putters or the new versus old club format can effect cost or demand, which in turn can effect where to buy or how to afford such tools for the bag.

An Honest Look at Used Golf Clubs

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Used golf clubs are one of the toughest items to research and purchase in the game of golf. Any golfer will testify that finding the best golf clubs at a gently used or used quality is near impossible. Having seen and actively searched for the perfect pair, many golfers give up and buy a poor quality set of Used Golf Clubs or invest in new clubs.

So where can one find used golf clubs for sale? The answer being virtually anywhere. Whether it is a single used club or full set, golfers can find great deals at various places: garage sales, fairs, flea markets, or pro-shops. Since some clubs can come with minor damages that could range from cosmetic to structural, do not be afraid to negotiate with the seller in terms of price. Any able seller will be happy to part with any type of clubs for any price so be cautious of that scenario. Custom clubs have recently flooded the market, but just because they fit and are styled for one person does not mean that a prospective buyer will fit the bill. Taller clubs are harder to come by in the used market, but with a growing popularity of hybrid and weighted clubs and putters, these clubs can be now be found with relative ease.

What many golfers do not know or care to research is how brands compare overtime and how clubs wear and play overtime. The longest lasting and possibly the best golf clubs available are Callaway. These drivers, irons, wedges, and putters are not only some of the best new clubs, but also have been over the last decade or more: meaning that a used set is still comparable to present-day, new models. The only downfall to used being the lack of new technology. Extremely old Callaway’s may not feature the hybrid or weighting that is offered today, but the structure of the club and its basic capabilities are still available.

One of Callaway’s most popular older models currently flooding the market are the Big Bertha Gold line. It is uncertain why so many of this line are being sold now, but one assessment is that so many were produced fifteen or more years ago and that the lifetime is coming to a close with so many other technological advancements having taken place in the game of golf. Many people have different opinions in terms of Used Golf Clubs, but purchasing history and success show that overall, Callaway has been the premier producer of clubs that last and are worth the effort to buy second-hand.

All Encompassing Review of Brand Name Golf Irons

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In a game that essentially comes down to the short approach, golf irons are arguably the most important aspect to a golfer’s collection. Today, golf irons account for more than one-third of total club sales around the world and a leading models of late are Callaway X-24’s, Titleist CB’s, and Mizuno MP-53’s. According to many Golf Iron Reviews and interviews with amateur players, these clubs rank amongst the best buys in the industry and many make the best game improvement irons around.

All of these brands are popular and relatively new so they are most abundant and at many of the major retail chains like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Smith, or The Golf Warehouse in addition to smaller stores, pro-shops, and internet based golf outfitters. At this point, buying used is not necessarily more economical; a new club will retail for perhaps $20-30 USD more than used and can come with worn grips, dents, and scratches so for the extra money, buy new and get the warrantee.

The X-24 line made by Callaway features an all graphite head with patented groove and weighting technology that allows a greater loft and better spin control. Golf Iron Reviews dictate that this particular model is slightly better in performance than other reputed brands, but of course the product should be tested and other golfers should be consulted before considering purchasing the X-24 series. CB irons made by Titleist features a solid carbon steel head with a chrome finish, flexible shaft, and comes with some of the best standard grips out of any new club series. CB irons are comparable in distance hitting with Callaway’s and are nearly identical in success with its 3, 4, and 5 irons to other brands. Finally, the MP-53 series made by Mizuno is one of the more pricey sets of the lesser known or bought clubs. The MP-53 line capitalizes on the heel to toe weighing and its flatter, oversized head to maximize forgiveness.

Prices on the X-24’s are right around $500 USD per set or about another $200 USD or so for a complete set with a bag at some stores. However, the unsponsored golfer will divulge that the best irons may not make the best drivers or putters so for that aspect it is advised to do some testing and research. Nearly the same financial concerns are true for the CB irons and the MP-53 models and include the aspect of buying a complete set or not buying a complete set.

Conclusively, in the world of instant Golf Iron Reviews, testing centers, and multimedia golf communications, golfers are able to gain knowledge and understanding of how each golf product sold on the market performs and if it is worth buying or not worth the time to talk about at the 19th hole.

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