It’s official, TIGER’S BACK!


Tiger made it official. He will play in the Accenture Match Play Championship beginning Wednesday in Tucson, Arizona. His first opponent is Brendan Jones, # 64 in the world rankings. Stuart Appleby remarked, "he was ready weeks ago. I don't think he needs to do a couple a laps around the track. He'll be on that horse whipping it." Those comments don't bode well for Brendan. As Lee Trevino would say, "move over and let the big dog eat!"

Is Tiger ready to pounce?

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Recently Mark O'Meara, one of Tiger's closest confidants and mentor, stated that "Tiger was hitting the ball better than ever" and that he would probably come back at the Accenture Match Play Championships. This seemed to be confirmed by his caddie, Stevie Williams, who proclaimed that Tiger was "a few weeks away" from returning to tournament golf. "He's probably 95% there." He's been rehabbing his knee 6 hours a day according to Stevie. In any event when he does return, expect the interest level and ratings to be off the charts!

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