Sergio is Sorry for saying Augusta Sucks

pga_g_garcia_200Immediately after his round he said, "I don't like it, to tell you the truth. I don't think it is fair. Even when it's dry you still get mud balls in the middle of the fairway. It's too much of a guessing game."

And when asked what he would change, he said, "They can do whatever they want. It's not my problem. I just come here and play and then go home."

Not too shocking, considering his past outburst about Carnoustie, and the simple fact that he didn’t play particularly well. After shooting 3-over-par 75 on Saturday, and 2-over-par 74 on Sunday, he tied for 38th place. This is hardly how a player of his caliber would expect to play, and for this we can sympathize with his frustration, sort of. We also feel refreshed by the fact that somebody is willing to express any emotion at all. Especially, in a sport that looks down upon any kind of negative reactions to anything. We can only guess that its done in order to preserve the sacred code of conduct that comes with a “gentleman’s game”, but damn it can become a yawn fest. The only problem is that his statements about the course’s condition do seem a bit insane. Augusta is only talked about as being one of the most perfectly conditioned courses in the world, and he’s whining about mud balls. Either way we don’t think Sergio needs to be slammed for his statements. If anything, they just make him look ignorant.

Tuesday after the Masters, Sergio’s management company released this apology statement:

“Following my final round at the Masters, I made comments in an interview that I regret and want to apologize for. Out of frustration, I blamed the golf course instead of putting the blame where it belongs, on myself.”

“I didn't get it done this week. Augusta National is one of the most iconic golf courses in the game and playing in the Masters each year is an honor. I apologize to the members of Augusta National and the fans who rightfully treasure this golf course."

Nice, but clearly damage control issued by the people that are feeding off Sergio’s success.

Tiger Tackle – Commercial Outtake

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Tiger ad libbed this.

Spy Chick of the Month – April

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Had to start it off with the most well known. This one is from Natalie Gulbis' FHM shoot. Check back every month for a new hot golf chick. Email us if you have any suggestions or submissions.

Adams Idea Pro Black MB Irons

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The Adams Idea Pro Black Muscle Back Irons are one of this years most highly anticipated releases. They are due out May 1, and have had nothing but amazing reviews from the few people lucky enough to have gotten their hands on them.

These irons are very similar to the ones that Aaron Baddeley plays; however, we've heard mixed rumors on whether or not the they will sport the same weight port and composition. Aaron's are made of stainless steel and the public release will most likely be forged from Carbon Steel.

We will keep you updated with more information as it arrives.

Here are some of the clubs' features:

  • Traditional forged muscle back blade with weight port for swing weight and feel adjustment.
  • Minimal Constant Offset with a higher CG provides ball flight control and enhanced shot making. Low penetrating ball flight & maximum workability.
  • Tour Cambered sole grind: promotes a solid feel and prevents digging.
  • CNC – milled grooves for consistent spin and control.
  • Black PVD finish reduces glare and provides a premium, tour appearance

(For more Adams Idea Pro Black spy pics click read more!)

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Perry Chokes, Cabrera Wins 2009 Masters!


The guy who looks like a bus driver(Angel Cabrera), beat the 48 year old dad(Kenny Perry), who out parred the ultra white middle aged guy(Chad Campbell). Needless to say, not the greatest display of athleticism from the final playoff group in this years Masters. Hopefully those people that argue golf isn't a sport weren't watching.

Now obviously they still fall under the category of "the best golfers in the world", and we still have a ton of respect for their abilities. But we had to mention the funny characteristics that these 3 shared, especially since they were finalists in this year's Super Bowl of golf.

We would also like to say that we wish every Masters could be as exciting on the last day! Major props to Phil, as well. Great effort, but just a little too late.

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The Case to Have Homeless People Caddy for Me

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As I regale in the majesty that is the 2009 Masters Tournament, my thoughts turn to the time honored traditions of this great game of golf. I tend to think about the storied history, the celebrated champions, and the fact that I have never used a caddy for a round of golf.

I am never more aware of the caddy, per se, then when it is Masters’ time. The other tournaments see fit to let the caddies maintain a code of casual wear in order to stay cool and comfortable while lugging 40 pounds of iron for 18 holes. However, the masters of “The Masters” require that these minions in metal wear a uniform - the obligatory white overalls with the player’s names printed in green letters across the back. The last time I saw so many monochromatic overalls in one place was when I did sixty-days in county lockup… my lawyer assured me it was going to be a “country club,” but I knew it was going to be the kind of place where I would want to avoid having any “holes” played... I digress, sorry.

To be sure, the caddy must take on multiple roles throughout a round of golf – acting as the shallow-land shirpa, psychologist, and scapegoat. I like the sound of scapegoat best; and I believe that it’s high-time I hold someone else responsible, for mis-clubbing me, for mis-reading my putts, and for letting me wear these pants with those shoes. In addition, I remember hearing somewhere once that golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game; and as a supposed gentleman, I should never ever have to engage in any form of physical labor - pushing, pulling, or carrying stuff is strictly the work of my trusty valet.

You say, “Get a motorized cart.”

I say, “As a gentleman, I shall still require the services of a chauffer.”
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Daly, Husstlin’ at Augusta!?

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John Daly selling t-shirts, autographed balls, and framed golf pictures at the 2009 Masters! Check out the "John Daly - Merchandise Sold Here" sign in the window. Quite professional.

Arnie Opens Augusta with a Punch

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Photo by AP

Arnold Palmer booms a drive to open the 2009 Masters. We wish Arnie could open up every tournament. He has so much enthusiasm, he doesn't even need to play!

Model Natalie Gulbis hits a sleeping fan

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Apparently she golfs too.

Nike Dymo 380 Tour

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Here are some spy pics of the Nike Dymo 380cc driver (click read more to see more). So far it's only been seen on tour, and notably in the hands of players like Tiger, AK, and Duval. There are no official reports on whether or not Nike will release the driver to the public, but we hope there will be eventually. It seems to be a cleaner tour version of the Dymo drivers that are currently available. It also has a really cool black finish on the crown and is supposedly not that much harder to hit than the larger versions.

(Click read more to see more Nike Dymo 380 Tour spy pics)

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