2010 Nike VR Driver (Spy Pic)

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nike vr driverRecent rumors have been circulating that Nike is holding sales meetings about the new Nike VR wood line up. Some say we could even see the new 2010 Nike VR driver released as early as the end of November. This all sounds interesting and we will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear anything; however, not sure we will be in a rush to try one out. Obviously, if the numbers(price & distance increase) are right, we might consider it. But for right now the busy look and massive size arent too attractive.

Spy Chick of the Month – November

Sexy Golfer

We went 'random chick holding a golf club' for November.

TaylorMade XFT Wedge (Removable Face): Tour Van Video and Spy Pics

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taylormade_xft_removable_face_wedgeHere are some great spy pictures and tour van video of the 2010 TaylorMade XFT removable face wedge. The main point of creating this club was so that the player can easily remove the face and replace it with a new one when the grooves wear down. Thus, eliminating the need to replace the entire wedge every time. (Click "continue reading" below for more spy pics)

Great TaylorMade tour van video that shows the easy process of replacing the face of the TaylorMade XFT wedge. (Via SandBox8.com)

Click "continue reading" below to see more spy pics.

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