2010 PGA Show: PSP Golf “The Little One” Training Aid

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No, it's not a PlayStation hand held gaming device. PSP stands for Pure Solid Perfect - three words that correctly describe the company's new product. This year at the PGA Show, PSP debuted their new training aid called "The Little One." It's concept is simple, but it's results are very beneficial.

Ever heard the phrase "aim small, miss small?" That's basically how this little thing works. The club head is less than half the size of a regular 7 iron, and it forces you to practice hitting the center of the face. You may miss a few times, but if you can develop any kind of consistency with it, hitting a normal iron will feel easy. It's a great confidence builder and can improve ball striking for players of all levels.

Even professional practice maniacs like Vijay Singh have been known to use "The Little One." In fact, it's become quite popular on the range at PGA Tour events.

Check out their website at PSPGolf.net.


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