2010 PGA Show: Pure Grips Are Purely Incredible!

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Check out the video above. It's quite possibly the most beautiful golf product video ever made.

Ok, normally we try to find products that are interesting or exciting, but this just blows everything completely out of the water! This year at the 2010 PGA Show, Pure Grips is attracting some major attention! If your anywhere within about 50 yards of their booth, you will hear a loud noise that will instantly intruige your curiosity. Then you will walk over only to find one of the coolest golf products of the year! They are called Pure Grips, and like the title of our article says, they are purely incredible. The loud noise that we heard was the sound of an air gun that comes free with any grips you purchase from pure grips. This gun is used for easily removing and replacing the grips, without any glue, dry time or tape. Of course, you can add or decrease tape to change the thickness if you'd like; however, if you don't waste too much time, changing an entire set of grips can be done in about 15 minutes! Yeah, you heard right. An entire set of clubs can be re-gripped and ready to play in under 15 minutes. And this process is all you. No need to pay some golf club black smith. Pretty sick huh?

Check out their website to be wowed further: PureGrips.com


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