Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid

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Cobra Golf announces the introduction of the new Baffler Rail Hybrid, an alternative to long irons offering avid golfers more forgiveness and versatility.

The new Cobra Baffler Rail is a sleek-looking hybrid club that is loaded with technology. Its 17-4 steel clubhead features a thin, high strength 465 maraging steel face that is designed to increase ball speed, and combined with stronger lofts, will bolster distance. The new four-way rail sole is designed to help the club move through turf effortlessly - regardless of the lie. It also comes standard with a lightweight 65-gram Fujikura Motore shaft that is designed to help increase clubhead speed. The Baffler Rail Hybrid is ideal for all players seeking the ultimate in long-game performance.

Cobra Baffler RailInnovative Rail Sole
* A four-way rail sole reduces the area of the club that comes in contact with the turf. The result is improved turf interaction, increased versatility and maximum forgiveness.

9 Point Face Technology
* 9 Point Face Technology creates an expanded sweet zone that promotes higher and more consistent ball speed across the clubface, for increased distance and improved forgiveness.

High-Strength Steel Face
* A thin, lightweight maraging steel clubface also promotes faster ball speed and allows for 10 percent of the weight to be strategically repositioned low and back, for improved launch characteristics.

The Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid ($175) is available in 2/H, 3/H, 4/H, 5/H and 6/H models (nomenclature refers to iron models that Baffler Rail Hybrid replaces). It is available with a Fujikura Motore graphite shaft (Lite, R or S flex) and a Lamkin grip. A women's model is available in 3/H, 4/H, 5/H, 6/H and 7/H. The Baffler Rail Hybrid is shipping to golf retailers now.

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Phil Wearing His Green Jacket At Krispy Kreme

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How Do You Celebrate a Masters Win? If You're Phil Mickelson, You Celebrate By Going To Krispy Kreme Wearing Your Green Jacket!

Phil Mickelson received a $1,350,000 payout for his 2010 Masters win. It looks like he spent some of that prize money at a Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru.

A Phil Mickelson Krispy Kreme photo popped up on Twitter, showing Mickelson and his family at the Drive-Thru of the donut chain. The catch: Mickelson was wearing the Green Jacket he won at the 2010 Masters.

You would think he might be more delicate with what is the most coveted prize in golf, but Mickelson seemed confident that he wouldn't spill any coffee or donut filling on his green jacket. Even if he did ruin his Green Jacket, he's got two more at home.

The image of Phil Mickelson at a Krispy Kreme will no doubt endear him even more to golf fans. Mickelson's image has gotten a major boost from his Masters 2010 win. Several stories have been written praising Mickelson for being a down-to-earth family man, a pleasant contrast to embattled golf star Tiger Woods.

"Now Phil Mickelson reminds all the people who think golf doesn't matter when Tiger Woods isn't winning that there can actually be a better story, even at this Masters, than Woods. And sometimes the story is still one of the best and oldest in sports: Good guy wins."

Mickelson's good guy had taken a hit due to persistent rumors that he had illegitimate child and wife Amy Mickelson had an affair with Michael Jordan. Those sensational Phil Mickelson rumors appear to be false.

The truth about Mickelson may be something much more mundane. He could just an average family man who likes to eat Krispy Kreme donuts in his mini-van with his family.


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Court Sides With Acushnet On The PROV1

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Acushnet Company, manufacturer of Titleist, announced Monday that it won a jury verdict in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware in its golf ball patent dispute with Callaway Golf Co..

Callaway asserted that previous generation Titleist Pro V1 golf balls had infringed on four patents originally owned by Spalding and subsequently purchased by Callaway Golf. The jury agreed with Acushnet’s position that the patents in question are invalid.

“We are extremely pleased with the court’s decision, and we hope that this finally brings this long standing dispute to a close,” said Joe Nauman, executive vice president, Corporate and Legal, Acushnet Company.

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