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We have been falling behind on our Spy Chick Of The Month updates, so here's a good one that should hold you over for a while. You may recoginize her from the tire comercial where a car comes to a road block, and a group of thugs yell at the driver over a megaphone "give us your tires, or your life." The driver then throws this chick(Bar Refaeli) out of the car and drives away, assuming that the gang was asking for his tires or his "wife." Needless to say, if you like tires that much, your odd.

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Top 5 MOI Putters That Make It Easy To Make Short Putts

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Putter with InsertWhen it comes to golf clubs, most people will be more familiar with the putters even if they only have a slight interest in this game. Nearly everyone understands the part that a putter will play on the course, yet only the golfers truly appreciates this fantastic tool. Even though all the clubs require careful detail, the putter generally needs a level of finesse that is similar to a brain surgeon, which is the reason why it's important to select the right club from the start. The following will highlight the Top 5 MOI Putters That Make It Easy for Short Putts.

Considering the basic function of a putter, inexperienced golfers might be surprised at the wide range of available styles. These dissimilarities are more than trivial, so casual and amateur players must not assume that one will be as good as the other.

Here are the five clubs that will help you to get that vial putt without spending a fortune:

Black Velvet Model 110: This is a traditional putter with a recognizable club head that is ideal for golfers who like the elegant style of the traditional clubs. With the amount of oddly designed putters available nowadays, even the most youthful aspiring golfers might like the simple design of this putter. Stylish and effective, the mallet style head comes with a polymer insert that is machine made.

Big Mo High MOI: This is the most non-traditional looking putter in this line-up, but casual and amateurs players must not disregard the design as gimmickry. This has a square, large mallet style head that will enable impressive robust putts. Just as the name suggests, golfers who need a forceful putt can benefit from this tool.

LH Zinc: If you are looking for putter with a blade style head, then this one will offer good value. Of course, the zinc might be as basic as it can get, but you should not be fooled into disregarding this putter for a extra mini golf club. This will be ideal choice for beginners because of the head with genuine copper insert that is soft and covered with polymer.

Lynx HE 2: Similar to the Big Mo, this is a heavy putter having a large club head made for high MOI putts. This putter has a large grip and significant weight distribution, catering to a very unique kind of player who wants mallet putters with plenty of heft. Whilst it might not be the ideal putter for all golfers the top quality structure makes it a good option.

Nextt Pro Score Copper Blade: This will be the ideal choice for players who have a preference for blade style heads instead of mallets. Besides its glossy black color and striking copper finish, it is specifically made for optimum accuracy and alignment. When it comes to the very important process of correctly aligning putts, casual and amateur golfers will not be sorry for selecting this club.

Top 3 Game Improvement Irons

MacLeod's Bagset ATMA golf iron is designed specially to be used when striking the ball. Generally, these are available in three forms which include putters, irons and woods, notable by design and intended use.

The putter club has a loft which does not exceed ten degrees and is designed mainly to use when putting on the green. Golf irons should not be essentially different from the usual and traditional make and form. The club should be made from a head and shaft, plus it might also have additional materials on the shaft to help players get a stronger hold. All the parts of the club should be solid to give one unit without external supplements. Some exceptions might be made for contraptions that will not change the function of the club.

Some Benefits of the Top 3 Game Improvement Irons

Adams Idea a2 OS irons are a great game improvement set. These are very easy to hit and can be found for reasonable prices. This set will be perfect for players with mid-to-high handicap who want to enjoy the game. The clubs in this set come with a large spot that will strike the ball high. Most people really love the idea of using a steel shaft in shorter irons with graphite within the hybrids. In general, this can help players to have much better control using their scoring clubs and much better distance with the longer clubs. Based on the promotions, it will pretty easy changeover from one club to the next and gapping will be consistent throughout the set.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion irons have a traditional look with a lot of non-traditional technology. These have a good appearance and can provide the benefits of using an oversized iron for game improvement. They were made to maintain a conventional look, but behind this familiar appearance is a variety of unfamiliar technology. Basically, the idea was to combine these aspirations into a single club. The Big Berth Fusion is among the top three game improvement irons presently on the market, plus it’s the ideal Callaway set for the advanced handicapper.

Ping G5 irons are made for optimum performance, assisting to enhance ground impact to strike the ball better. Improved weighting tends to make this iron set very flexible. These irons come with club heads with traditional look along with dull-grey finishing and light-weight steel or the graphite shafts, to suit a player’s preference. The clubs include perimeter-weighted heads in order to retain distance control no matter where you strike the ball. These irons can be found with many different lie angles (shown by several colored dots on the clubs), allowing players to modify the clubs to make a swing. There is also a unique weighting technology that will increase the moment of inertia, resulting in an improvement for an average distance shot.

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