Adams 9031 DF Prototype PRO BLACK Hybrid & More 9031 DF Proto Spy Pics

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adams-9031-df-prototype-pro-blackAdams is quickly becoming one of our favorite companies. The way they keep pounding out prototypes is unbelievable. It’s not like TaylorMade who produces a ton of crappy clubs constantly, and a few good ones once in a while. TaylorMade’s clubs also seem to be aimed at high handicappers, mid handicappers, and a few low handicappers. Adams seems to really be going after the low-mid handicappers, and it’s giving the company a lot of fresh new attention.

Check out the 9031 DF Proto in Pro Black spy pic. It’s pretty sweet lookin.

No word on any release dates or prices yet. But we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Prototype Pro Black & Prototype Comparison Spy Pics


9031 DF Prototype Hybrid Spy Pics





3 Comments on Adams 9031 DF Prototype PRO BLACK Hybrid & More 9031 DF Proto Spy Pics

  1. JB

    Herd from Adams directly that its an Oct 09 release.

  2. zb

    Hit them the other day…sooo easy to hit….looks more like an iron but just explodes of the club face…easiest hybrid ive ever hit…can’t wait till they come out

  3. prototype

    I had one 9031 pro black 18 degree + Matrix Altus black shaft X…

    it is really good feedback, and dame long distance….

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