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In a game that essentially comes down to the short approach, golf irons are arguably the most important aspect to a golfer’s collection. Today, golf irons account for more than one-third of total club sales around the world and a leading models of late are Callaway X-24’s, Titleist CB’s, and Mizuno MP-53’s. According to many Golf Iron Reviews and interviews with amateur players, these clubs rank amongst the best buys in the industry and many make the best game improvement irons around.

All of these brands are popular and relatively new so they are most abundant and at many of the major retail chains like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Smith, or The Golf Warehouse in addition to smaller stores, pro-shops, and internet based golf outfitters. At this point, buying used is not necessarily more economical; a new club will retail for perhaps $20-30 USD more than used and can come with worn grips, dents, and scratches so for the extra money, buy new and get the warrantee.

The X-24 line made by Callaway features an all graphite head with patented groove and weighting technology that allows a greater loft and better spin control. Golf Iron Reviews dictate that this particular model is slightly better in performance than other reputed brands, but of course the product should be tested and other golfers should be consulted before considering purchasing the X-24 series. CB irons made by Titleist features a solid carbon steel head with a chrome finish, flexible shaft, and comes with some of the best standard grips out of any new club series. CB irons are comparable in distance hitting with Callaway’s and are nearly identical in success with its 3, 4, and 5 irons to other brands. Finally, the MP-53 series made by Mizuno is one of the more pricey sets of the lesser known or bought clubs. The MP-53 line capitalizes on the heel to toe weighing and its flatter, oversized head to maximize forgiveness.

Prices on the X-24’s are right around $500 USD per set or about another $200 USD or so for a complete set with a bag at some stores. However, the unsponsored golfer will divulge that the best irons may not make the best drivers or putters so for that aspect it is advised to do some testing and research. Nearly the same financial concerns are true for the CB irons and the MP-53 models and include the aspect of buying a complete set or not buying a complete set.

Conclusively, in the world of instant Golf Iron Reviews, testing centers, and multimedia golf communications, golfers are able to gain knowledge and understanding of how each golf product sold on the market performs and if it is worth buying or not worth the time to talk about at the 19th hole.


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