Bob Burns No Bananas (Anti-Slice) 460cc Driver

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The guys at Bob Burns sent us this "No Bananas 460cc Driver" for testing, and guess what? It was really incredible. At first we thought that it might just be another cheap nock off of the Taylor Made Movable Weight Technology, but we couldnt have been more wrong. Bob Burns truly delivers a high quality and original product when it comes to the No Bananas Driver. We tested it on some of our worst local slicers, and the results were beyond impressive. They were all able to see instant improvements. Their slices turned into fades and straight shots right before our eyes.

Normally we focus on high end equipment, and this driver is no exception. It comes with a new decade style grip, and nice quality shaft, and an awesome monkey head cover. On top of all that, it really will improve your ball flight if you repeatedly slice or fade the ball. Don't let the funny name mislead you. It's an awesome club, and you have to try it to believe it!

Eighty to 90% of golfers tend to fade, push, or slice the ball off the tee. Primarily, two factors cause a slice. The clubface remains open at impact, or the swing path is outside-in. The anti-slice technology of the Bob Burns No Bananas Driver can eliminate the slice from your game forever. The design elements center-of-gravity location, face angle, shaft flex, lie, and hosel offset are geared to help you square the face through impact and provide the additional weighting, placed inside the toe and heel areas, expands the sweet spot and reduces clubhead twisting. The amount of left-to-right spin imparted on the ball decreases dramatically, and the result is straighter, more accurate shots. The two-inch deep, incredibly thin face achieves maximum trampoline effect, while conforming to the USGA legal COR limit. Available in both offset and non-offset 310-cc forged head models, the exclusive No Bananas Driver is guaranteed to help you hit longer and straighter. It comes with a Magilla Gorilla head cover, and No Bananas fairway woods and irons also are available with oversized heads and anti-slice technology.


Richard Warnke from Greensboro, Ga US

It works!! My slice has been corrected and I have much more confidence off the tee. I seem to have given up a little distance but it is worth it to be in the short grass rather than in the trees. I would recommend this driver to anyone who has struggled with a sweeping slice.

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  1. Ted

    This may be a good driver for many people but it often is too expensive for people to take a risk on. One of the best ways you can cure golf slice is to buy a cheap guide and follow the steps right through.

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