Spy Review – Adams Idea A2 OS Hybrids Irons – Game Improvement Irons

The Adams Idea A2 OS Iron Set was designed to be the easiest set of irons to hit using hybrids. Adams Golf claims that their Idea A2 OS offer the “maximum in game improvement design” and made the bold statement that “long irons are dead.”

Adams may not be as dominant on the professional golf tour but they have made a name for themselves with Tom Watson, American PGA and Champions Tour golfer; when he teamed up with Adams Golf to create the 3 Wedge System golf clubs and has been known to be using the Adams Idea game improvement Irons and Hybrids on the Champions Tour.

The 2, 3 and 4 Adams Idea A2 OS Irons are actually hybrid iWoods. They are designed like woods, while the other irons are hybrid irons. Adams claims that these are "The ideal iron set for the golfer struggling with their mid and long iron shots.” This is due to the longer shafts, lower center of gravity and deeper than your average irons. The Idea a2 OS Irons also have a high launch which increases the distance of your game, while providing forgiveness at impact of the ball.

These game improving hybrid irons could replace all of your irons and woods, minus your driver. The PW has a large sweet spot which allows you to hit shots with great accuracy.

Features of the club:

  • Center of Gravity is 11% lower and 2.5 times deeper when compared to conventional irons
  • 30% higher MOI (moment of inertia), provides more forgiveness – [“MOI is the term applied to a clubhead’s resistance to twisting when a ball is struck. A clubhead with a higher MOI will twist less as a result of the miss-hit, creating a better chance that the ball will still go where you intended and with less loss of distance.”]

What players have to say about the Adam a2 OS Hybrid Irons


  • Easy long iron shot
  • Great sweet spot
  • Looks good
  • Highly recommended for beginners as well as the experienced golfer
  • Great price – four hybrids and four irons
  • Replaced all my utility clubs
  • Hit these better than my fairway woods


  • The clubs may feel a little long


You could find a previously used set of 3-PW on ebay for about $220 with covers, and the stock mix of steel shafts on the irons P-7 and graphite shafts on the 3-6.

Additional Features:

Grip color: Adams Stock Rubber Black
Shaft: Adams A2 OS Graphite/Steel
Makeup/Loft: Stiff Flex 3-PW (8 irons)
Lengths/Lie: Standard/Standard
Dexterity: Right and Left Handed
Player type: Men and Women
Flex: Stiff or Ladies

Top 5 Longest Drivers On The Market

Today, there is a lot of debate and discussion on what the top longest drivers on the market are. As a matter of fact, each person has their own opinion regarding this based on what kind of hitting drivers they are using when they play golf with their friends or family. And most major manufaturers and even retailers claim that what they have in their store is the longest driver on the market and those are usually the most sellable brand items to them.

When we are to determine what the top five (5) longest drivers on the market are, we are going to seperate those in the price range of over $350 and under $350, based on some surveys by well known major manufacturers of golf drivers on the market.

On top of the list which rate over $350 is the Callaway FT- 9 that ranks as the highest of all golf drivers that combine versatility, distance and control in one driver. Unlike other drivers, this kind of gold driver sounds great. Nike SQ Dymo and Dymo2 Str8- Fit are revolutionary drivers that everyone is raving about since they offer eight (8) different clubhead positions that a player can adjust depending on the swing he or she wants to target. Among the best golf drivers that are under $350 is the Adams Speedline. Consistently this is rated as the number 1 top golf driver since it represents a new technological shift in driver design. The club head is crafted mainly to increase speed and distance. Next in the list is the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo, which is one of the longest and straightest drivers that anyone can purchase but has one major setback as considered by some to be big and ugly. Cleveland Hibore Monster XLS is big and aggressive. It is not a subtle driver and the loud noise off the tee sounds like a cannon has just been fired. The Cleveland Hibore Monster XLS also has one of the highest MOI available.

Whatever kind of driver you have and want to purchase you should determine the type by its design and most of all the consistency and distance it offers when YOU use the driver yourself.

Time Remaining: 20d 4h 28m
Buy It Now for only: $30.39
CALLAWAY FT-9 10* DRIVER ALDILA NVS 55 REGULAR 44.5'' RH (#1796) $49.99
Time Remaining: 24d 9h 27m
Buy It Now for only: $49.99

Nike SQ Dymo Str8-Fit Driver 8.5 Degrees Axivcore Regular Flex Tool 61622A
Nike SQ Dymo Str8-Fit Driver 8.5 Degrees Axivcore Regular Flex Tool 61622A $41.46
Time Remaining: 20d 2h 51m
Buy It Now for only: $41.46
Nike SQ DYMO STR8-FIT Driver. 10.5* Loft. 45.5". UST AxivCore 59 Regular
Nike SQ DYMO STR8-FIT Driver. 10.5* Loft. 45.5 $129.95
Time Remaining: 29d 2h 16m
Buy It Now for only: $129.95

Time Remaining: 22d 22h 25m
Buy It Now for only: $39.99
Nike Golf SQ Dymo 10.5* Driver Factory Regular Graphite Right Hand 45.5”
Nike Golf SQ Dymo 10.5* Driver Factory Regular Graphite Right Hand 45.5” $54.99
Time Remaining: 27d 7h 58m
Buy It Now for only: $54.99

ADAMS Speedline Fast 12 10.5 & 3 W/ CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA PENCIL GOLF BAG $160.00
Time Remaining: 26d 21h 49m
Buy It Now for only: $160.00

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Neutral 18* 5 Wood 60g Stiff Graphite
Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Neutral 18* 5 Wood 60g Stiff Graphite $47.99
Time Remaining: 26d 20h 40m
Buy It Now for only: $47.99
Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Draw 10* Driver - Aldila DVS 65 Regular flex Used RH
Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Draw 10* Driver - Aldila DVS 65 Regular flex Used RH $37.00 (12 Bids)
Time Remaining: 7h 47m

Top 3 Game Improvement Irons

MacLeod's Bagset ATMA golf iron is designed specially to be used when striking the ball. Generally, these are available in three forms which include putters, irons and woods, notable by design and intended use.

The putter club has a loft which does not exceed ten degrees and is designed mainly to use when putting on the green. Golf irons should not be essentially different from the usual and traditional make and form. The club should be made from a head and shaft, plus it might also have additional materials on the shaft to help players get a stronger hold. All the parts of the club should be solid to give one unit without external supplements. Some exceptions might be made for contraptions that will not change the function of the club.

Some Benefits of the Top 3 Game Improvement Irons

Adams Idea a2 OS irons are a great game improvement set. These are very easy to hit and can be found for reasonable prices. This set will be perfect for players with mid-to-high handicap who want to enjoy the game. The clubs in this set come with a large spot that will strike the ball high. Most people really love the idea of using a steel shaft in shorter irons with graphite within the hybrids. In general, this can help players to have much better control using their scoring clubs and much better distance with the longer clubs. Based on the promotions, it will pretty easy changeover from one club to the next and gapping will be consistent throughout the set.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion irons have a traditional look with a lot of non-traditional technology. These have a good appearance and can provide the benefits of using an oversized iron for game improvement. They were made to maintain a conventional look, but behind this familiar appearance is a variety of unfamiliar technology. Basically, the idea was to combine these aspirations into a single club. The Big Berth Fusion is among the top three game improvement irons presently on the market, plus it’s the ideal Callaway set for the advanced handicapper.

Ping G5 irons are made for optimum performance, assisting to enhance ground impact to strike the ball better. Improved weighting tends to make this iron set very flexible. These irons come with club heads with traditional look along with dull-grey finishing and light-weight steel or the graphite shafts, to suit a player’s preference. The clubs include perimeter-weighted heads in order to retain distance control no matter where you strike the ball. These irons can be found with many different lie angles (shown by several colored dots on the clubs), allowing players to modify the clubs to make a swing. There is also a unique weighting technology that will increase the moment of inertia, resulting in an improvement for an average distance shot.

2010 Adams Idea Pro Black CB1 Irons (Spy Pics)

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The IDEA Pro Black CB1 Irons will be available April 1, 2010. The sole grinds are supposedly really nice. We will update with more information as it becomes available.

[pics via golfwrx.com]

Adams 9031 DF Prototype PRO BLACK Hybrid & More 9031 DF Proto Spy Pics

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adams-9031-df-prototype-pro-blackAdams is quickly becoming one of our favorite companies. The way they keep pounding out prototypes is unbelievable. It’s not like TaylorMade who produces a ton of crappy clubs constantly, and a few good ones once in a while. TaylorMade’s clubs also seem to be aimed at high handicappers, mid handicappers, and a few low handicappers. Adams seems to really be going after the low-mid handicappers, and it’s giving the company a lot of fresh new attention.

Check out the 9031 DF Proto in Pro Black spy pic. It’s pretty sweet lookin.

No word on any release dates or prices yet. But we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Prototype Pro Black & Prototype Comparison Spy Pics


9031 DF Prototype Hybrid Spy Pics




Adams Golf New Speedline 9032LS Drivers and 9032Ti Hybrid-Fairway Woods

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Adams Golf recently announced that the new Speedline 9032LS Driver and the 9032Ti Hybrid-Fairway Woods would be shipping to golf stores July 1st; however,  we at SpyGolfer.com have been a bit pessimistic about the release. The clubs look pretty cool and will most likely perform well, but the guarantees about substantial distance increases due to decreasing the drag of the club head, seem a bit far fetched. How could a decrease in drag on a club head be enough to cause a significant enough increase in club head speed to promote more distance? It reminds me of how Padraig Harrington claimed to have added 10 yards of distance to his tee shots, just by wearing the Hi-Tech Super Tour golf shoes. Sounds fishy to say the least. But I hope that im just being overly cynical. 10 more yards of extra distance with an Adams driver/fairway wood-hybrid would be sick. See below for more technical information, spy pics, and prices.


Introducing the second generation Speedline 9032LS Driver. Designed with breakthrough aerodynamic technology for faster club head speed and more distance.

As in the original Speedline series, the patent-pending aerodynamic shaping of the next-generation Speedline 9032LS driver creates less drag and airflow turbulence, resulting in an impressive three to four M.P.H. faster club head speed and three to nine yards more distance. Design improvements to the 9032LS include a 17.3 percent larger face area for more forgiveness and heel and toe scoops that are one and a half times bigger than the original Speedline driver for better airflow attachment. The new features optimize launch conditions with 10 percent lower spin off the club face, thereby generating even more distance. Coinciding with the launch of the 9032LS driver, the new Aldila VooDoo NV graphite shafts with Score Technology will make their first appearance in the retail market with the Adams Golf Speedline 9032 series.

Both the driver and the hybrid-fairway wood feature for the first time on the market the high performance Aldila VooDoo NV graphite shafts with Score Technology. The suggested retail price for the Speedline 9032LS Drivers is $469.99.


The exceptional design features of the Speedline 9032Ti hybrid-fairway woods have resulted in the longest-hitting fairway wood ever developed by Adams Golf. These new woods have a center of gravity that is 22 percent lower, a crown that is 25 percent thinner and a titanium body that is 40 percent lighter than conventional fairway woods. This advanced weighting system is highlighted by two 40 gram tungsten sole inserts and a weight port that makes the Speedline 9032Ti extremely long off the tee and easy-to-hit from the fairway. In addition, these fairway woods are designed with an extremely high CT face to deliver the fastest ball speed of any fairway wood designed by Adams Golf. The unparalleled technology of the Speedline 9032Ti woods is so advanced that they come with a guarantee of an additional ten yards over conventional fairway woods for every golfer.

The suggested retail price for the Speedline 9032Ti Fairway Woods is $379.99.

Adams Speedline 9032Ti Fairway Wood Spy Pics




Adams Prototype Hybrids: 9031sf and 9031df

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The Adams Prototype 9031sf and 9031df hybrids are currently being played on tour. They are smaller than the Idea Pro's with more of a "boxier" face. They are also more "workable" than the other hybrids and produce a much lower ball flight. No info on their release date yet, but as always, we will keep you posted.

(click read more for more pics)

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Adams Idea Pro Black MB Irons

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The Adams Idea Pro Black Muscle Back Irons are one of this years most highly anticipated releases. They are due out May 1, and have had nothing but amazing reviews from the few people lucky enough to have gotten their hands on them.

These irons are very similar to the ones that Aaron Baddeley plays; however, we've heard mixed rumors on whether or not the they will sport the same weight port and composition. Aaron's are made of stainless steel and the public release will most likely be forged from Carbon Steel.

We will keep you updated with more information as it arrives.

Here are some of the clubs' features:

  • Traditional forged muscle back blade with weight port for swing weight and feel adjustment.
  • Minimal Constant Offset with a higher CG provides ball flight control and enhanced shot making. Low penetrating ball flight & maximum workability.
  • Tour Cambered sole grind: promotes a solid feel and prevents digging.
  • CNC – milled grooves for consistent spin and control.
  • Black PVD finish reduces glare and provides a premium, tour appearance

(For more Adams Idea Pro Black spy pics click read more!)

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Adams SPEEDLINE Driver: The Extra Distance Promo and Spy Pics

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The Adams Golf Speedline Driver not only claims to give you more distance, but tells you exactly how they plan to do it. Adams says that the driver will increase your club head speed anywhere from 2.5-4.2 MPH by producing less drag, and ultimately giving you 3-9 yards of extra distance.

picture-9They are very confident that their new Speedline Driver will add distance to your game. Now until April 30 you can go to any Adams Golf retailer participating in the Speedline Challenge and compare your swing speed to all of the other leading drivers. If you decide to purchase one they will give you an extra 20% off your trade in. Here are some spy pics of the Adams Speedline Driver. We think it looks pretty cool and is definitely an option if it produces the added distance for your swing.


Putting Adams Irons to the Test

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Adams Golf Irons are one of the lesser known of the well-designed brands of irons. Built in Plano, Texas, Adams is a smaller operation in the sense that the company can make alterations and implement designs faster than the big names in golf equipment. One of the most important parts of any golfer’s game, the irons serve a great role in long and short approaches.

The irons recently produced by Adams have been some of the most advanced on the market. Featuring complex weight systems on the heel of each club, new Adams Golf Irons give the player a fuller, rounder swing that can propel the ball to new heights and distances. Another advantage to buying Adams Golf Irons is that prices are somewhat lower, but the quality is comparable to that of bigger companies. Adams is committed to its golfing community and takes pride in extraordinary customer service: providing repair services and custom fittings for prospective buyers in addition to other accommodations.

Because Adams is a relatively popular brand in the global golf scene, finding places to purchase such irons or sets is becoming increasingly easier. Dick’s Sporting Goods stores located throughout the United States offer a variety of Adams brand irons. Retailing for approximately $200 USD per iron set, these irons are a good purchase for the intermediate and even professional players that are working their way up the ladder. Buyers have many options when shopping with Adams: the style, material, shape, weight, and even color of the face or grip can be customized across the nine lines of Adams Golf Irons.

One line of irons produced by Adams is IDEA Pro a12. This steal head model features heel to toe weighting, a hollowed out back and triple milled face groves for the ultimate control and precision. IDEA Pro a12 has earned favorable reviews and its proven performance and swing stability has made this model one of the most popular sets of Adams irons.

Another model features the up and coming standard in the world of golf irons: hybrid weighting. With hybrid irons, the club is essentially turned into another driver or wood. The Redline Hybrid Series is designed for distance; one study shows that the Redline Hybrid 3 iron tacks on eleven or more yards onto a stroke as well as reaching a greater height while airborne. Because the even distribution of weight and contoured, rounded face design, the Redline Series provides long distance hitting capabilities, while giving the user satisfaction with a clean, crisp swing every time.

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