Colin Montgomery Talkin’ Smack About Tiger Woods

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colin_montgomerieApparently Monty is at it again with the ridiculous comments. Recently on a BBC radio show he was claiming that some of Tiger's "mystique" would be lost if he did return to the game of golf. Is there anyone on the planet that would think Monty is anything but insane for saying this, let alone agree? I think not. If anything, all of the new found Tiger scandal will increase the mystique and hype surrounding the 1 in a 100 year athlete. Were not talking about presidential approval ratings here, just public interest. And you can bet that everyone in the world will be watching the god of golf when he does return. Whether or not people will continue to look at him as a personal role model is another thing; however, in my opinion, those people are just as ridiculous as Monty.

"Europe's Ryder Cup captain told BBC Radio on Sunday that he had no doubt Woods would come back and add to his 14 majors, but said his mystique had now gone." London (AP)


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