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So what do you get when you combine an architect, an author and organic cotton? Would you believe a line of men’s and women’s polo/golf shirts? No really, I am not kidding!

I have just returned from sunny southern California and am happy to have had the chance to test drive the Criquet line of Thin Striped Player’s Shirt (in beautiful Carolina Blue) on the golf course. Let me say that this line of vintage inspired shirts are great both on and off the course.

When long time friends Billy Nachman (The Architect) and Hobson Brown (The Author) found themselves bemoaning the demise of their much loved, perfectly worn in and worn out favorite polos they did what any dynamic duo would do……they started their own shirt company. Based in Austin, Texas the Criquet line of organic shirts now encompasses 4 styles for men and one for women.

So what makes these shirts organic? First, the cotton is grown using certified organic methods meaning minimal use of pesticides and harmful dyes while maximizing other environmentally friendly practices. In addition, these shirts are Made in the U.S.A.!

So what does an organic shirt feel and wear like? Well I must say that they feel great. The one I tested was neither too light or too heavy nor too tight or too loose. In fact, the material has a bit more “body” to it than many of the new ultra light stay dry type shirts so common in today’s golf shirt market. I liked that the shirt was not too sheer leaving you with that annoying see through feeling.

The men’s shirts come in four styles. The “Player’s Shirt” is a four button model with buttoned chest pocket and is available in 7 solid colors. The “Thin Striped Player’s Shirt” is also 4 button, has no pocket and is offered in 5 colors. The “Wide Stripe Player’s Shirt” has 4 buttons, a non-buttoned pocket and in two colors. Finally for men is the two button “Perfect Pique” in 5 colors with open chest pocket. All of these can be seen on their entertaining and informative website at

For the women, the “Ladies Player’s Shirt” is a 4 button shirt without pockets and available in six different colors.

So if you are looking for that stylish classic polo that is neither too preppy nor too over the top I suggest you give the Criquet line a look. We all know how that well worn shirt or hat feels and how we hate to give them up when they are past their prime. Here is your chance to start a new tradition.


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