Final Holes of Bay Hill: List of Stupid

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1) Paul Tesori's horrible caddying!

- On 16 fairway Sean said, "177 just a solid 7?" and Tesori agreed. Pretty amazing considering the wind was into and from the right. And the fact that the temperature was dropping. And there was a hazard on the front left of the hole. And tiger was in the rough. Now, obviously I don't know the exact distance Sean hits his irons, but you would think that the caddy would have advised him to take a club that guaranteed the back of the green after a solid shot. And a solid shot is what Sean claimed to have hit there.

-Also, as if the lack of advice on 16 wasn't bad enough, explain to me the purpose of making Sean discuss the upcoming approach shot onto 18 for a bit longer? Maybe to ice him a bit? Or maybe to make him think about the lack of advice Joe gave him on 16 that resulted in a bogey? Golf is all about confidence, and saying "talk to me about that for a bit, we have plenty of time", (concerning Sean's club selection on his approach at 18) probably didn't make him feel too comfortable. Why not just give him the correct distance, make a club choice, and say "stick it." No wonder this guy doesn't caddy for Vijay anymore.

2) Boring and ridiculous commentary! No wonder most non-golfers don't like watching golf.

Example quotes:

"The shadow of the ball is really getting long now."(referring to how 'dangerously' late it was getting)

-Way to paint an exciting picture by describing the harsh element of dusk guys.. luckily the players persevered.

"If Sean pars in he will win the golf tournament"(said Johnny Miller after the 15th hole)

-Are you joking me Johnny?! After the 15th hole, Tiger was down by 1, to a kid with only 2 PGA tour victories under his belt. At absolute best, pars would tie it up by the final hole, and ultimately cause Sean to get crushed in a playoff.

-Also, The gushing over Tiger's strength is getting a bit fruity these days. We get it! He's one of the first pro's in the sport to workout. That's great, and truly amazing. But if I have to hear about how much sand comes out of the bunker due to tigers "awesomely powerful core" again, Im going to mute the T.V.

3) Lack of amazement at Tiger's ability to make any putt at any time it's needed, literally.

-Well maybe not lack of amazement, but you would think that draining that putt on 18 would have sparked more discussion than his ability to hit a tricky bunker shot to 10 feet on 17. I guess this would ultimately go back under the boring commentary point above. Although, I do want to emphasize how bad this actually was, considering some of it came from golf's most colorful announcer.

4) Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks sitting nearly on top of each other in one of the final shots.

080213_millerhicks_thumbgrid-2x2jpg -Not that big of a deal, but worth mentioning how awkward and funny it looked. Miller and Hicks were basically in each others laps in one of the final zoomed out shots. And there was plenty of room to either side of them. I guess they had to sit like that for the closer up shots from earlier, but you would think NBC could figure out how to adjust. Or at-least how to make it look like their faces weren't about to touch.


5 Comments on Final Holes of Bay Hill: List of Stupid

  1. MCox

    I thought the exact same things when I was watching it. What the hell was Ohair thinking hiring joe.

  2. laughing out loud

    You two are hilarious. You don’t even know the guys name – “Joe” Tesori. And I am guessing you have never caddied a day in your life. “Joe” and Vijay happen to still be very good friends and I would say that since “Joe” has been on Sean’s bag, he has had a pretty good career.

    I CAN NOT stand armchair quarterback’s in golf and especially the primitive ignorance of your statements about a caddy.

  3. admin

    Well “laughing out loud”, we do know his name as we posted it in the title and throughout the article. Also, some of us at SpyGolfer have caddied numerous times and have played at very high levels of competition, which is why we feel very qualified to make these remarks. We weren’t suggesting that Vijay and “Joseph Tesori” weren’t friends anymore. But we do feel that we were exactly on point by discussing some poor courses of action taken by “Joseph Tesori” in the final holes of the AP Invitational.

  4. Joe

    Hey, idiot, The caddie’s name is Paul Tesori not Joe Tesori…get some facts before opening your mouth

  5. Rob

    Who cares, the guy is a no name. Get a life before opening your mouth.

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