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With Tiger dethroned from the clear number one spot, new up and coming golfers have been winning majors. While playing with a handicap and the occasional mulligan might not get you a shot to become the new number one, there’s no reason why you can’t beat your friends and colleagues on your local course.

Using the new golf course comparison tool from FindTheBest, players can find the perfect course for their skill level, location, and wallet. This golf course database contains over 10,000 courses which include every course in the US as well as some major international courses that can be sorted by course name, city, state, expert ranking, and several other options.

This tool also allows you to take all of these golf courses and filter your results to find a list of courses just for you. Looking to take the family out for a round and want to find a place with low green fees? Simply set the green fees slider to your desired amount, enter your location, and the tool will do the rest. Players can filter results to find public courses near them, private courses, or even find courses made by your favorite course designer like A. W. Tillinghast or Joe Lee.

Now that you have been able to find a list of great new courses to play by using the filtering system, how will you decide which one to play? Using the side by side course comparison option will take away any indecisiveness when facing this choice. By selecting a few courses you are interested in playing and clicking compare, a side by side comparison will appear showing you over 30 different features for each course. These features include expert rankings from sources like ESPN and Golf Digest, what practice facilities are available, types of fairway and greens grass, how many bunkers are on the course, and if there is a bar on the course to go to after your score is ruined by a bunker on the 18th.

Now that you have found the perfect course for your next round of golf, be sure to check out the spy review section to find that new iron or driver to finish your set and remember, whether you’re looking for the most challenging course to take on or an easy par 3 to play on your next vacation, the golf course comparison tool at FindTheBest can help you find the best course for you.


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