John Daly Loses Libel Lawsuit

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johndalyLooks like John Daly just can't seem to catch a break anytime in the last, well, decade.  As you know, he most recently made his not-so-triumphant return to the PGA Tour.  Unfortunately for Daly, his golf wasn't up to the hype about his return and he failed to make a very decent sized splash in the playing field.  Not long after that, you might remember a few days back, John Daly actually was involved in an RV accident that involved not only himself and his RV, but also a tunnel and another man's car.  While we still don't know how THAT will end, we do know the man he allegedly hit is suing him for damages and possibly even injuries.

Daly Loses Libel Lawsuit

Well, if you're a John Daly fan, the hits just keep on coming as things went from bad to much, much worse.  In case you were not aware, Daly has recently been involved in a libel lawsuit against the The Florida Times-Union for comments he believed were untrue and defamatory in nature back in 2005.  The lawsuit was actually dismissed in March of this year, Duval County Circuit Judge Hugh Carithers ruling that the statements made by columnist Mike Freeman were either true, or constitutionally protected as his opinion.

$272,000 In Damages

Now, we find out what John Daly has to pay to settle the legal fees and losses by the Florida Times-Union throughout the trial.  Cue bad news:

"Judge Hugh Carithers ordered Daly to pay $263,088 in attorney's fees, plus costs of $8,675.99 and 8 percent interest rate per year until it is paid."

Turn It Around Daly

That's right, Daly is responsible for $272,000 in damages.  Yikes.  Hopefully things can turn around for Daly, he's been having an extremely rough patch as of late.  We're still rooting for his golf career, so stay tuned to see how things turn out.



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