Mickelson Is Pissed About The New Groove Rules, And Rightfully So

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(We tried finding an angry picture of Lefty for this article, but the guy is permanently smiling. So we had to make do.)

Maybe you've seen or heard about some of the latest groove controversy. It all started with a small rule change that seemed to be just another "nit picky" implementation by the USGA. Now it's developed into a major feud between players and USGA officials, led by Phil Mickelson on the players side.

When we first started hearing about the groove rule controversy, we assumed that it was just another pro athlete "prima donna" case. We thought that maybe the top 150 golfers in the world shouldn't be complaining about a simple equipment change, but we were wrong. It's really quite a cluster.

We run a spy golf news and reviews site, and we still don't fully understand what's going on. But we do know that when pros are going on Ebay to buy wedges from the 1980's that are exceptions to the rule, things are screwed up. What you have is basically a ridiculous specification change that is really effecting how golfers play the game, and it's completely unfair. Mickelson being one of the best players in the world, arguably has the most reason to be pissed. He essentially built his career around the 64 degree lob wedge, and is now being told that he cannot physically use it. According to Nick Faldo, it is now "impossible" to use a 64 degree wedge. The new groove rules have made such a drastic change that the ball literally slides up the face of the club, and can cause a variance in distances up to 20 feet when chipping. On top of that, the bafoons at the USGA have decided that a specific Ping Eye 2 Wedge from the 1980's, which has the old square grooves, is acceptable becuase it's grandfathered in yada yada yada.

"I agree that the rule, it's a terrible rule," Mickelson said. "To change to something that has this kind of loophole is nuts. But it's not up to me or any other player to interpret what the interpretation of the rule is or the spirit of the rule. I understand black and white. And I think that myself or any other player is allowed to play those clubs because they're approved. End of story."

So Mickelson adheres to the nonsense and puts a Ping Eye 2 wedge in his bag, only then to be called a "cheater" by Scott McCarron.

According to the golf channel: "After testing an array of scenarios (U groves, V-like grooves, and no grooves) with players of all levels, the USGA, jointly with the R&A, determined that the V-like grooves are the best way to add the question back into the game."

Well they certainly have added question to the game. We are questioning if they have any common sense. Probably very little, if any. Anyway, we wish Phil luck in his battles with the USGA.

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