Oakley offers fully Customizable Golf Specific Sunglasses

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Oakley has been a strong force in the golfing industry for quite some time now. But lately, we couldn’t help but notice that they’re beginning to dominate the scene. The list of Pro’s rocking their shades these days, seems to be endless. Players including Ian Poulter, Parker McLachlin, James Nitties, Ricky Barnes, Annika Sorenstam, Chris DiMarco, and Rich Beem, to name a few.

Some of this growing popularity and success can be attributed to Oakley’s intense attention to the golfer’s needs. They now have multiple frames and lens combinations that are completely golf specific, along with the ability to easily interchange the combinations, depending on the current light conditions.

We may call them “accessory lenses” but we make them for athletes who take full advantage of our adaptable eyewear. Engineered for our HALF JACKET® frame, these interchangeable lenses come in multiple color options. Choose a lens for the best optical performance under current light conditions, or switch to a different hue to change your look instantly.


Check out this link to see some of their different golf specific styles:


Another major part of Oakley’s success has come from their ability to get their products in the hands of, or more specifically, on the faces of, their tour players.

The Oakley Golf Program not only continues to roll up solid results on the playing field of the PGA Tour this year, but hit the trifecta with our third Rolling O Lab stop at the Transitions Championships.

These rolling O-Labs follow the tour events year round in order to offer players the opportunity to customize and test any combination they want. bah7cgkkigwxmzr4mtm0aqtskwcizshjaqhpam2ejpg

Which brings us to our final and probably most exciting feature: The ability to customize the exact look of your own pair, right on their site! It’s really easy, and completely detail oriented. You can edit and change just about any part of the model that you want, then all you have to do is click “add to cart.”

We love that the golf industry finally understands that we, the public, want more customization with our equipment. And it’s nice to see another great company like Oakley, heading in the same direction.


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  1. JJreed

    oakley is great! I really like the half jackets and have been using them for a long time

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