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OGIO was founded on the basis for producing quality and uniquely designed gear bags. Since OGIO is not necessarily a nationally known name, finding a store that sells OGIO products is relatively difficult to come by. The company is based in Utah so many of the mountain-west states may carry products as well as stores that feature backpacking and BMX equipment. OGIO has made an impact on those specific niche markets so stores that appeal to those customers may also sell golf bags.

However, the most successful tool used for buying a OGIO Golf Bag is the internet. Featuring all of its products and providing free shipping on all golf bag orders, the OGIO website is the best way to research and purchase a bag.

OGIO produces 17 lines of bags that are available in countless color schemes and with countless combinations of accessories and amenities that make each line unique and highly desired in the amateur market. Not the best bag perhaps, but certainly not the worst, OGIO Golf Bags are perfect for the casual or young golfer: offering lightweight models that can endure a significant amount of wear and tear or time sitting in the garage waiting for action on the course.

Retailing for $100 USD or so, OGIO stand bags like the Wire, Featherlite or Ozone lines are on the lower-end of cost, but provide features that have become standard in the industry. The Wire line, for example, accommodates the young golfer or frequent walker with many comfortable amenities: a hip pad, ergonomic plastic grips, plenty of storage pouches, and a water bottle net for easier access. Lines like the Grom, Edge, and Diva are upscale stand bags that incorporate the luxuries of a visible ball pocket, handy towel ring, a golf glove attachment, and tee slots in addition to the aforementioned amenities for the smaller models.

For about $200 USD, OGIO cart bags such as the Kingpin, Assassin, or Sultan lines are geared toward the frequent player or the few tour players that carry a OGIO Golf Bag. Features in some of the more luxury OGIO cart bags include more pockets, more club divisions, more spaces for tees, balls, and apparel as well as a stable and sturdy base for an easy fit into any golf cart.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a golf bag so be sure to do some research before committing to any bag: OGIO included. As the perfect beginner or light-use bag, OGIO provides the most for the money and can be one of the up and coming brands as the game of golf rises in popularity amongst youth all over the world.


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