Ping Golf Bags: One Of The Best Ways to Carry Your Golf Clubs

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Ping was originally founded by a former General Electric engineer who produced putters from a garage in the late 1950’s, but became involved in all aspects of the golf industry by the late 1960’s: designing and selling irons, bags, and everything in between. Although Ping became known as the “winningest” brand putter in all of golf, other aspects of the brand, game virtually went unsung for years. Ping Golf Bags are one of the highest quality and used bags in the game of golf; however, because golf bags are not necessarily integral to one’s game, the comments or reviews of the many models of Ping Golf Bags are few and far between.

Eight different models of bags that range from easy to maneuver stand bags or the tour classic cart bag. One of the stand bags that is popular among college teams and casual players is the 4 Under model. Made from a lightweight, durable, waterproof material, the 4 Under is economically built and priced for any skilled golfer. Coming in at just under four pounds, this two-strapped, ergonomic design offers four pockets for balls, tees, accessories, and apparel as well as a hip pad, umbrella holder, and a four-way club divider that all sit upon strong, retractable legs.

As for the cart models of Ping Golf Bags, the T9.5 Bag is used by several players out on tour, but by club champions and amateur players around the country. The T9.5 Bag is just one notch below the Tour Staff Bag that is made popular by the big name is golf; however, T9.5 is the perfect bag for those players just starting out in the professional realm: cost and feature efficient. With eight pockets, one veelour-lined valuables pocket, and a six-way club divider, the T9.5 Bag is sensible, stylish, and a great option for golfers with a large collection of clubs and items to take out on the course.

Competitive shopping is key to any successful purchase: golf bags included. Used Ping Golf Bags may be a bit more difficult to come by, but garage sales or flea markets in the area are great places for a possible purchase: Ping bags stand the test of time so there is a sting likelihood that when someone comes across a used Ping, it is in relatively good condition. New bags to carry a bit more cost, but with a splurge on a new bag, users will be exposed to the best technology in the bag sector of the golf industry.

Since the Ping brand is popular with professionals, amateurs, frequent players, casual players, teachers of the game, and those learning the game, the only logical decision when in the market for nothing more than a bag, make it a Ping Golf Bag and enjoy all of it's capabilities.


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