Putting Adams Irons to the Test

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Adams Golf Irons are one of the lesser known of the well-designed brands of irons. Built in Plano, Texas, Adams is a smaller operation in the sense that the company can make alterations and implement designs faster than the big names in golf equipment. One of the most important parts of any golfer’s game, the irons serve a great role in long and short approaches.

The irons recently produced by Adams have been some of the most advanced on the market. Featuring complex weight systems on the heel of each club, new Adams Golf Irons give the player a fuller, rounder swing that can propel the ball to new heights and distances. Another advantage to buying Adams Golf Irons is that prices are somewhat lower, but the quality is comparable to that of bigger companies. Adams is committed to its golfing community and takes pride in extraordinary customer service: providing repair services and custom fittings for prospective buyers in addition to other accommodations.

Because Adams is a relatively popular brand in the global golf scene, finding places to purchase such irons or sets is becoming increasingly easier. Dick’s Sporting Goods stores located throughout the United States offer a variety of Adams brand irons. Retailing for approximately $200 USD per iron set, these irons are a good purchase for the intermediate and even professional players that are working their way up the ladder. Buyers have many options when shopping with Adams: the style, material, shape, weight, and even color of the face or grip can be customized across the nine lines of Adams Golf Irons.

One line of irons produced by Adams is IDEA Pro a12. This steal head model features heel to toe weighting, a hollowed out back and triple milled face groves for the ultimate control and precision. IDEA Pro a12 has earned favorable reviews and its proven performance and swing stability has made this model one of the most popular sets of Adams irons.

Another model features the up and coming standard in the world of golf irons: hybrid weighting. With hybrid irons, the club is essentially turned into another driver or wood. The Redline Hybrid Series is designed for distance; one study shows that the Redline Hybrid 3 iron tacks on eleven or more yards onto a stroke as well as reaching a greater height while airborne. Because the even distribution of weight and contoured, rounded face design, the Redline Series provides long distance hitting capabilities, while giving the user satisfaction with a clean, crisp swing every time.


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