Spy Chick Of The Month – February

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This is our most recent Spy Chick Of The Month for February.

We would like to know what our readers think. Should we keep posting Spy Chicks Of The Month, or is it becoming a tired category that just takes away from the other golf posts? We happen to think it's an awesome idea, and we would like to keep posting them. But let us know what you think.

Normally we like to keep SpyGolfer.com a little more edgy and exciting than your average golf blog. But from time to time we get complaints. So once in a while it's nice to hear from our supporters as well.

Here's a hilarious example of a recent email complaint we received:

"Rob should be fired for using the word Pissed in his article about the USGA golf rule concerning grooves. I have grandchildren who use the computer and shouldn't have to see the word PISSED as part of headlines to his article. This was in poor taste!" - Ed

Can you imagine how "PISSED" Ed would be if he saw our Spy Chicks Of The Month? Maybe hot chicks don't bother him as much.


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  1. tired category! the only thing tired is this months chick! weak. dont stop this “edgy” feature. remember SIs swimsuit issue is by far their biggest seller. how about asking readers for submissions

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