Srixon Releases New Trispeed And Trispeed Tour Golf Balls

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Srixon just recently announced their new Trispeed and Trispeed Tour Golf Balls.

As far as we can tell, Srixon is trying to mimic the successful strategy of the PROV1 and the PROV1x from Titleist. The new Trispeed ball is meant to be a premium distance ball that can meet the demands of many different types of players. It features a 3 piece design in which the outermost layer or the "core" will be a little thinner in comparison to past models. Again, this design sounds very similar the the PROV1 with the thin Urethane covers. They are really the best performing balls on the market, but the only downside is that the thin covers don't last very long. At least Srixon seems to acknowledge this by referring to their new Trispeed balls as premium.

The Trispeed Tour will be very similar in design to the standard Trisbeed ball, but will feature a harder core that will only see it's best performance from a player with a faster swing speed. The core uses Energetic Gradient Growth core technology to optimize driver distance and greenside spin control.

Like we said before, the new Trispeed and Trispeed Tour golf balls seem to directly target the PROV1 and PROV1x market share, and they might be worth a try for the slightly less expensive price tag. The new Trispeed and Trispeed Tour golf balls will begin shipping immediately to retailers and will carry a suggested price of $29.99. So slight discounts beyond that price are highly likely as well.


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