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The SWAMI 1500 golf GPS is by far one of the best golf GPS's we have tested at SpyGolfer. It is very accurate, easy to use, and reliable. It can even hold its own against a laser range finder because it really is so simple and convenient. No need to worry about aiming, pressing a button, or making sure that you have the right distance. You just look at it and it gives you the correct yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green, every time. It's also nice to know how far you have to the pin from any angle on a hole. Like when your behind some tress or bushes that aren't meant to be in your line. We would also like to mention how simple it is to load golf courses on the GPS. At first we were a bit weary of this step, but it actually turned out to be as easy as plugging it in to your PC, and clicking the courses you want.


All in all a great alternative to laser finders; especially, if you are a higher handicapper just looking for something thats easy to use, and much more affordable.

Keep an eye out  for one of these in our contests and give away section.


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  1. ian486

    Looks cool! How much do these run for?

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