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wii-300x268There will of course be debate when it comes to this topic, people on both sides of the coin believing adamantly that their side is correct, that the other side is wrong and that nothing will convince them otherwise.  It's always been like that when technology enters a sport, the use of that technology redefining what is and is not possible.  Just look at what happened when Major League Baseball decided to abandon tradition and allow instant-replay for home runs?  So now, how do YOU feel about the use of technology like the Wii to help hone your golf swing?  Does it help?  Can it help?  Should it help?

Leadbetter and Wii Combine Forces

That's right, there is a new Wii program coming out that famed golf swing coach and amazing instructor David Leadbetter has actually helped create.  As you know, he's helped with thousands of golf swings and most recently has tackled the Michelle Wie project.  Now, he's going to the Other Wii and hopes that his new game "My Personal Golf Trainer" will help thousands more golfers fine tune and correct their swings.

According to reports:

"My Personal Golf Trainer, a game designed for the popular Wii platform, will incorporate Leadbetter's 7 Steps to a Better Golf Swing, says maker Data Design Interactive of Sarasota, Fla. It will also feature the Wii Balance Board, which can analyze the swing in three dimensions, giving feedback about weight transfer, swing path, and other crucial swing markers you can't see while you're busy swinging. Suggested retail will be about $50 for the game itself; the Wii equipment is sold separately."

October Launch Date

I don't know about you, but I want to try it, and I want to try it now.  Unfortunately, looks like we'll have to wait until about October to really get to try this, but nevertheless, it does bring up an issue as to how this will work, if it will work, and technology's role in golf instruction.

Your Thoughts?

Personally, I believe whatever helps, helps, and there shouldn't be any issues whatsoever.  What about you?

[Via GolfToImpress.com]


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