New Nike VR Hybrids, Fairway Woods, And Drivers (Spy Pics)

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Becuase of the success of the Victory Red irons and wedges, Nike has decided to extend the line into hybrids, woods, and drivers.

Nike worked closely with it's sponsored professionals to develop the new VR line up, which is considered to be much more traditional looking than what Nike currently offers in their Summo models.

Nike Victory Red Hybrids

The new Victory Red hybrids were created with the mid to high handicapper in mind. They offer a substantial amount of workability and distance. Engineers at Nike decided to open the face slightly and move the center of gravity forward, allowing for this increase in forgiveness, distance, and workability.

"We have accomplished what we wanted to with these hybrids. We wanted to achieve a higher launch angle with significantly less spin. We've done that through altering the face angle and finding the proper center of gravity measurements." - Tom Stites, Director of Club Creation for Nike

The new Nike VR hybrid also features a 455 Ultra Thin steel face with a Split Compression Channel, for more distance across the entire clubface.

Loft options range from 15° up to a 24°, with all but the 15° available for both right-handed and left-handed players.

The Nike Victory Red Hybrid will also come with a standard Aldila VooDoo graphite shaft, Nike Golf Crossline grip, and a suggested retail price of $203.99.

Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour Fairway Woods

First, and maybe most importantly, the new VR fairway woods are much different than last years SQ Dymo fairway woods. The most noticeable difference is no square headed option, which is great because those were gross. However, if you're looking for the forgiveness of a square head, Nike will be releasing it's Machspeed lineup shortly.

Secondly you will find the added STR8-Fit adjustable(32 different options) technology that was only seen in previous 2009 SQ Dymo STR8-Fit drivers. The Nike Victory Red Fairway Woods will also feature the 455 ultra-thin steel face and Split Compression Channel for added distance, similar to the new VR Hybrid, and actually a variation of the new Victory Red Driver.

"Our athletes prefer a smooth sole design for optimized playability on tight fairway lies. In order to achieve that, we split the compression channel on the sole to provide improved performance from every lie." -Tom Stites

Loft options range from 13° strong 3 wood (for righties only), 15° 3-wood, 17° 4-wood, and 19° 5 wood.

The Nike Victory Red Fairway Woods will also come standard with an Aldila Voodoo shafts(A, R, S, or X flex) and a suggested retail price of $299.

Victory Red Tour and Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour Drivers

As you can see in the pictures, Nike has created two versions of the new VR Driver - the 420cc VR Tour(right top two pics) and the 460cc VR STR8-Fit Tour(right bottom two pics). Again, the most noticeable difference from past drivers is that they look more traditional, and basically badass. No more crazy yellow or boxy heads. Just smooth clean lines, with a techie graphical look on the sole of the head. It's seems as though Nike really did listen to the feedback from players, and as a result created some incredible new drivers.

Both drivers sport Nike's new Compress Channel Technology, which can be seen in the form of a red channel that stretches across the sole of the club. And like we said before, this compression channel creates a more consistent compression across the entire face of the club,promoting more distance.

The other very noticeable difference between the two clubs is the lack of STR8-Fit(32 different options) Technology on the 420cc head. We can only assume that Nike wanted to create a model for two kinds of players. The ones that like the big head, latest technology, and adjustability - and the ones that prefer a smaller cleaner head. Brilliant in our opinion.

Nike will offer a few different size variations with the VR STR8-Fit Tour as well, as the 8.5° and 9.5° are a 440cc head, while the 10.5° and 11.5° are 20cc larger at 460cc.

The STR8-Fit comes standard with the Aldila VooDoo graphite shaft, while the VR Tour comes with the Project X graphite shaft. Both are available in Regular, Stiff, and X-Stiff flex profiles. Suggested retail price on both models is $479.99. Nike is also offering their "Signing Bonus" program, where upon the purchase of one of their new products, you're given credit to purchase other products such as apparel or balls.

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Mizuno MP-630 and MP-630 Fast Track Drivers (Spy Pic)

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Mizuno just recently released the MP-630 and MP-630 Fast Track Drivers, both of which are considered "Tour Ready." The MP-630 Fast Track will have 45 adjustable trajectory settings through 16 grams of movable weight. And the standard MP-630 will be the same driver, just with neutral settings and no adjustability. In our opinion Mizuno did a great job with this tour performance driver. Whether you prefer a clean, super solid look, or a techy adjustable head, they've got you covered.

The MP-630 Fast Track driver allows for 45 different trajectory settings through its use of two adjustable 8-gram weights. These settings include the ability to adjust left and right properties, increase or decrease spin rates, and higher or lower launch angles. If thats not enough technology for you, they've also added a Hot Metal Ti-9 Titanium face with CNC CORTECH design provides maximum ball speed and an increased COR area for unbelievable distance. The MP-630 Fast Track also features a player preferred head shape and is frequency tuned to increase solid feel and optimal sound at impact.

The standard MP-630 driver is also "Tour Ready" and has a player preferred pear shaped head. It also has a low, shallow COG(center of gravity) for medium-low spin and penetrating yet workable ball flight. The Hot Metal face of MP-630 is sheet forged 6-4 Titanium with CORTECH design which provides explosive distance and maximum control off the tee. Mizuno also used Modal Analysis and wavelet transform, of recorded impact sound data to produce a pleasing powerful sound at impact.

Both the MP-630 and MP-630 Fast Track drivers will be offered in right hand with a 64 gram MRC Fubuki shaft, engineered exclusively for Mizuno, and the Golf Pride M-21 Round grip. The MP-630 will be available in 9.5º and 10.5º, and will retail for $299.99, and the MP-630 Fast Track will be available in 8.5º, 9.5º, and 10.5º, and retail for $499.99. Custom options are available through Mizuno's Custom Club department. Mizuno will begin shipping the MP-630 drivers in February.

This is one of the few times we can absolutely say that you will get what you pay for if you purchase one of these drivers. Because of the extensive R and D and adjustability features of the Fast Track, Mizuno has created two products that players won't have to worry about replacing for a very long time.

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