Cleveland Rocks: An Inside Look at Cleveland Golf Irons

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Cleveland Golf is known for its lines of iron and wedge golf clubs. Based in Huntington Beach, California, Cleveland’s small operation allows for an increased customer relationship and investment in the finest technology available. Not only is the company known for its products, but for its services as well: custom fitting and designs are available for a hefty cost, but are well worth the investment.

One of the best places to buy Cleveland Golf Irons is probably a large, national retail store. Why? Well, the larger the store, the greater the variety of clubs and the more availability of particular models and styles as well as allowing golfers to test out the clubs and possibly purchase at a discounted price. Stores such as Dick’s Sporing Goods, Golf Smith, and the PGA Outlet Store are just some national chains to consider when doing the final consideration of Cleveland or other brand clubs.

Cleveland is one of the more popular and pricey brands for irons and wedges. Many of the designs are redesigned or reassessed every year so buyers are sure to get the most advanced and appropriate club. The downside to Cleveland’s commitment to technology is that with each passing year, the previous year’s model is considered outdated. Nevertheless, Cleveland Golf Irons are at the top of their game and are routinely counted on by professionals and amateurs to get the job done: whether it is from 150 yards away from the green or 5 yards outside the fringe, Cleveland can accomplish the task.

One model of Cleveland Golf Irons that incorporates some of the finest material and technology available in the world is the CG7 Black Pearl Series. Named to the 2010 Golf Digest Hotlist, these irons feature laser milled groves to increase the spin potential. Spin potential of course is very important on long iron shots so that the ball bounces forward, adding distance to the shot. On short, chip shots, the spin potential allows a skilled golfer to bring back the ball from an overshot situation as well as give the ball the chance to gain momentum, follow the contour of the green and park near the pin. CG7 Black Pearl Irons also utilize the up and coming standard to clubs: heel to toe weighting. Having a bit more velocity on the follow-through, the club increases forgiveness for the off center shots, while adding a noticeable distance.

Cleveland also produces some of the best wedges too. Maintaining the highest quality of material and science, these wedges are tour proven and a welcomed addition to any golfer’s bag. The cost of full sets of Cleveland Golf Irons vary, but an average cost for the basic, non-customized set is about $250 USD. Individual wedges and even three-piece sets of wedges are also available at major stores for anywhere from $35 per club to $90 for a set that includes a gap, sand, and lob wedge: truly a great deal while supplies last.

The Sweetest Sound On Earth: Ping Golf Irons

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The sound of a Ping Golf Iron is something that is music to the ears of any golfer. Founded by a former engineer, Ping originally produced putters in the late 1950’s, but quickly broadened its line to keep up with demand and the times. Historically, Ping came into prominence as the “winningest” brand putter because of more than 500 professional golf wins as well as the heel to toe weighting technology that the company designed. Introduced and popularized in 1969, the “69” model of irons began Ping’s claim to fame on the game of golf outside of just putting; since that point, Ping has produced countless lines of irons, but also introduced and engineered some of the greatest technology in the short game and iron industry.

Currently, Ping produces seven models of irons, Ping not only uses the most advanced technology, but also continuously develops and tests new features, science, and products at its private and all-inclusive facility in Phoenix, Arizona. An interesting and well known model of Ping Golf Irons is i15. Made of a composite material including Tungsten, the i15 line is essentially on the center of the Ping scale in terms of playability. Offering moderate forgiveness and a medium trajectory, the club face is average size and ultimately combines the style of the old game with the technology and efficiency of the new game.

The price of Ping Golf Irons vary depending on the gender, material, and specific qualities of the set. However, buyers can expect to pay approximately $500 USD for a new, upscale lie of Ping Golf Irons. The investment is well worth it because reviews of the i15, K15, and new G20 series indicate that several players have added distance as well as improve accuracy after testing and buying the famous brand. Although all brands and clubs are not created equally, Ping’s illustrious past and devoted present has set itself apart from competitors by means of success and how the company is able to change the game: one swing at a time.

Shopping for Ping takes little effort. The brand is nationally and internationally recognized for its professionally built and serviced products. One suggestion when in the market for anything Ping is to look at both local and chain stores. Local stores may be a bit more expensive, but the service may be tailored specifically to golf, which can provide the prospective buyer with an unbiased review of the clubs. National chains like Dick's Sporting Goods or Sports Authority provide products at a discounted rate, but the staff may not be as knowledgeable about the specifics of one brand of one sporting good as opposed to the other.

Going the Distance with Callaway Golf Irons

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Callaway Golf Irons are one of the best-known, purchased, and recommended brands of irons and clubs available today. The Callaway Company was founded in the wine country region of California and has been the epitome of luxury and style since its inception in 1983. Today, Callaway irons can be found across the country in a number of major retail chains as well as local pro-shops and clubhouses. Some of the notable professionals that use Callaway products and irons specifically are Master’s winners Trevor Immelman, Phil Mickelson, and Gary Player as well as LPGA stars Annika Sorenstam and Morgan Pressel.

Because the irons are the most utilized and important clubs in any golfer’s bag, Callaway is committed to excellence in its short and long range iron collections. Made from the highest quality and researched materials as well as being heavily designed and tested, Callaway Golf Irons are some of the best performing clubs that money can buy. Irons are typically sold in sets so buyers should be aware of the costs as well as the specifications of each model in order to be satisfied and have exact needs met with their set of clubs. The likelihood of finding a single club or even a set of used Callaway Golf Irons is moderate, but with the continuously changing iron technology, an investment in such a find may not be strongly recommended. However, if there is a deal to be had in used clubs, test the set out and even buy them so as to get a feel for what the older models of Callaway irons are capable of: the new editions are even better.

There are currently seven lines of Callaway Golf Irons being produced. Each line offers something unique to the player, whether it is the lightweight, composite material or a hybrid head, or even just the general style. One of the noted lines of Callaway Golf Irons is RAZR X model. With the RAZR X, golfers will benefit from the maximum distance and forgiveness design for the best possible performance and technologically diversity set available. Weighted for a loftier and farther shot, the RAZR X series leads the way for a thin framed head, flexible shaft, and precision cut grooves that allow for a better grasp on the ball.

If the old school, steel iron is not the perfect fit, consider investigating the premier line of hybrid irons that are produced by the premier golf company: Callaway. If one cannot decide on a particular model, not to fear, Callaway is profoundly committed it its customers that it schedules fitting sessions and diagnostic tests for the best possible experience and the best possible set of clubs.

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