Adams Golf New Speedline 9032LS Drivers and 9032Ti Hybrid-Fairway Woods

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Adams Golf recently announced that the new Speedline 9032LS Driver and the 9032Ti Hybrid-Fairway Woods would be shipping to golf stores July 1st; however,  we at have been a bit pessimistic about the release. The clubs look pretty cool and will most likely perform well, but the guarantees about substantial distance increases due to decreasing the drag of the club head, seem a bit far fetched. How could a decrease in drag on a club head be enough to cause a significant enough increase in club head speed to promote more distance? It reminds me of how Padraig Harrington claimed to have added 10 yards of distance to his tee shots, just by wearing the Hi-Tech Super Tour golf shoes. Sounds fishy to say the least. But I hope that im just being overly cynical. 10 more yards of extra distance with an Adams driver/fairway wood-hybrid would be sick. See below for more technical information, spy pics, and prices.


Introducing the second generation Speedline 9032LS Driver. Designed with breakthrough aerodynamic technology for faster club head speed and more distance.

As in the original Speedline series, the patent-pending aerodynamic shaping of the next-generation Speedline 9032LS driver creates less drag and airflow turbulence, resulting in an impressive three to four M.P.H. faster club head speed and three to nine yards more distance. Design improvements to the 9032LS include a 17.3 percent larger face area for more forgiveness and heel and toe scoops that are one and a half times bigger than the original Speedline driver for better airflow attachment. The new features optimize launch conditions with 10 percent lower spin off the club face, thereby generating even more distance. Coinciding with the launch of the 9032LS driver, the new Aldila VooDoo NV graphite shafts with Score Technology will make their first appearance in the retail market with the Adams Golf Speedline 9032 series.

Both the driver and the hybrid-fairway wood feature for the first time on the market the high performance Aldila VooDoo NV graphite shafts with Score Technology. The suggested retail price for the Speedline 9032LS Drivers is $469.99.


The exceptional design features of the Speedline 9032Ti hybrid-fairway woods have resulted in the longest-hitting fairway wood ever developed by Adams Golf. These new woods have a center of gravity that is 22 percent lower, a crown that is 25 percent thinner and a titanium body that is 40 percent lighter than conventional fairway woods. This advanced weighting system is highlighted by two 40 gram tungsten sole inserts and a weight port that makes the Speedline 9032Ti extremely long off the tee and easy-to-hit from the fairway. In addition, these fairway woods are designed with an extremely high CT face to deliver the fastest ball speed of any fairway wood designed by Adams Golf. The unparalleled technology of the Speedline 9032Ti woods is so advanced that they come with a guarantee of an additional ten yards over conventional fairway woods for every golfer.

The suggested retail price for the Speedline 9032Ti Fairway Woods is $379.99.

Adams Speedline 9032Ti Fairway Wood Spy Pics




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