New Swami 1500 Golf GPS Is Simply Awesome

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The new Swami 1500 Golf GPS from IZZO Golf is a new and improved version of an already great product. Simple to read, easy to use, and low priced are three areas that this little GPS nails. Like we've said before, if your in the market for a Golf GPS that just works, pick up a Swami 1500. It will not disappoint.  (Check it out at booth 1119 at the PGA Show this year)

Izzo Golf is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation SWAMI 1500 Golf GPS. The new SWAMI employs a number of firmware updates designed to improve performance and make it easier to use.  According to David Witkoski, Marketing Manager for Izzo Golf, “ This new version of the SWAMI offers an auto-shut off feature to preserve battery life and provide more rounds with a single charge. The SWAMI will no longer need to be manually shut down and golfers will get more play out of the 16-hour battery charge. We have also added a low charge alert feature that lets the golfer know when to recharge the SWAMI.”

The SWAMI is a fast, and accurate, and affordable golf GPS unit that retails for $99.99. There is a  $9.99 membership fee for access to all USA and Canadian courses. Renewal of the fee is optional and the last 10 courses loaded will remain on the unit in perpetuity.

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