Top 5 Most Expensive Putters

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Part 1 Scotty Cameron Laguna 2.5(Before)One of the top 5 most expensive putters is the GoldenPutter which was just released from Barth & Sons. The GoldenPutter is dubbed as the First Special Lady Edition and all but encrusted with beautiful crystals. Functional and exclusive in design, the GoldenPutter is custom made and has a 24ct hard gold-plated shaft and a rich leather grip. As one of the top 5 most expensive putters it is available in a variety of crystal hues and leather wrapped cherry wood.

The head of the GoldenPutter sports crystal inlays and come in at the price of $3,900 which indeed makes it one of the top 5 most expensive putters around on the market today. The GoldenPutter comes with a certificate of genuineness. The GoldenPutter can also be custom crafted in all its technical precision in gems and diamonds, which significantly raises the price of this putter and qualifies it a spot in the top 5 most expensive putters available on the market today.

As part of the top 5 most expensive putters on the market today the Scotty Cameron putters can come in for over $1500 for a Titleist. The average cost of a Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport putter will run around $300. The Scotty Cameron by Titleist Studio Select has putters around $300 and above like the Coronado PutterA with a double-step flange and a flow neck. The Studio Select Series also sports their 303 stainless steel putters with bold red tour graphics.

The Five Stars golf putters, designed by Honma are Japanese custom clubs and ease into the top spot of being the most expensive customized putter. These putters come in at the cost of $32,000 for the full set of fourteen Five Star clubs. The mass marketed Honma Beres TW914 Fairway Wood 5W Stiff ArmrQ UD62 comes in at a more reasonable price at around $630 for the 18 grams of tungsten nickel weighted putter. A definite heavy-weight price in the category of the top 5 most expensive putters, the Hohma Series gives some serious thought into quality and durability with their line of putters.

Another very pricy putter in the top 5 most expensive putters is a jewel of a putter from the Odyssey line. The Odyssey diamond-encrusted putter is a shoe-in for being one of the top 5 most expensive putters on the market today. The 18-carat white gold head sports a stunning two-hundred rubies and three hundred and seventy-eight diamonds at a price of $161,000.

Although it is aimed at collectors, the Odyssey putter is showboat when it comes to expensive putters. The average cost of a mass marketed Odyssey putter is in the price range of $350 like the Odyssey Ti-Hot #2 putter for a right hander. It is a limited edition putter with only twelve-hundred and fifty putters made. Constructed out of pure titanium, this putter is 34 inches and may well be worth it as a high-end putter on the greens.

Not to be left out of the top 5 most expensive putters, is the Ping putters. Known globally for their quality performance for putters, drivers and irons, Ping putters are priced around $270 and well worth their prices. The Ping Redwood Series Putter D66 sports a black satin finished and is made from 303 stainless steel in a classic and classy putter priced just under $300.

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Golf Gear Updates: Rory McIlroy’s New Titleist Irons, Nike VR Hybrids and Martin Kaymer’s Winning TaylorMade Clubs

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Rory McIlroy, who finished third last week in Abu Dhabi, has switched from playing Titleist ZB muscle back blades to the company's new MB irons. McIlroy is carrying a 3- through 9-iron, 1 upright, with True Temper Project X Rifle 6.5 shafts. Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Karlsson have also recently switched to the new clubs.

David Duval and Jamie Lovemark both experimented with an 18° Nike Victory Red Hybrid before the start of the rain-soaked Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs, Calif.

Nike also reports that Sweden's Carl Pettersson had tour reps make him a Victory Red Split Cavity 4- and 5-iron last week. Pettersson, who plays Victory Red Forged Blades (5-PW), joins a group of several other Nike staff players who have created combo sets using various Nike clubs.

Paul Casey — Pro Combo OS (3), Nike Forged Blades (4-PW)
Stewart Cink — Pro Combo OS (2, 4), Victory Red Split Cavity (5-PW)
Justin Leonard — Pro Combo Tungsten (3), Nike Forged Blades (4-PW)
Pablo Martin — Victory Red Full Cavity (3-7) and Nike Forged Blades (8-PW)
Anthony Kim — Victory Red Full Cavity (3), Nike Forged Blades (4-PW)

Martin Kaymer (right) won last week's European Tour event in Abu Dhabi. The win, which moved the German to a career-high sixth position in the world rankings, was his first using TaylorMade clubs. Kaymer had previously played Titleist equipment.

Kaymer played a TaylorMade R9 460 driver (8.5°) with a Ping prototype 824-X shaft, an R9 3-wood (13°) with a Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki 73 X shaft and aBurner TP 5-wood (17.5) with a Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki 83 X shaft. He also played TaylorMade's RAC TP irons (3-9) and wedges (54°, 58°) and the company'sPenta ball. Kaymer's putter was a Ping Karsten Series Anser 2.

At Torrey Pines this week, TaylorMade will be debuting the newest Kia Ma putters. According to the company, the new putters will have weight ports that will allow for easy and quick customization.


New Titleist AP2 Irons Spy Pic

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Right now there is very little information about the new Titleist AP2 Irons, but we were able to dig up this spy pic. (Click pic to enlarge)

What we see:

It seems to have a longer heel-toe and a slightly different sole grind than the original AP2. The pocket cavity is also different. And from this angle it looks like there is a little less offset. The Tungsten weight looks to be the same size and placement. Head has Smoother/tapered/refined edges.

As always, we will post more pics and a release date, as soon as they become available.

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Titleist ZM Forged Irons

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These Titleist ZM Forged Irons are very similar to the Titleist ZB irons. The main and just about only difference is that these clubs maintain the same blade back throughout the entire set. The ZB's on the other hand are a progressive blend, similar to the Nike Pro Combos. Both are great sets of irons and very slick looking. You just need to decide if you want a more forgiving club in your higher irons or if you want the extreme blade stlye workability throughout.

Titleist F2 & F3 Fairway Wood

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The F2 and F3 are the newest in fairway woods for the Titleist 2009 line up. The main differences are in head shape and size.

The F2 has a more "fairway" styled head with an extended face that produces higher launch with mid spin. (thinner) Available Lofts: 13.5°, 15.5°, 18.5°

The F3 has a more "tee box" styled head with a deep face that produces mid launch with low spin. (thicker) Available Lofts: 13°, 15°, 18°

These are still relatively new so we haven't had a chance to hit them yet, but if they retain the same tour precision that Titleist Fairway Woods are known for, they should make for some very solid clubs. They also look great and have a chrome finish that appears to be the same that's used on the 909 Drivers.

Titleist AP2 Irons

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The AP2 Irons are a recent update that contribute to Titleist's constant reach for an all around slicker club.  They also have the slit in the cavity back similar to the Mizuno MP-52. This design is intended to give the club a better center of gravity allowing it to be slighlty more forgiving, while maintaing the playability of the muscular back design.

Titlesit ZB Irons

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The Titleist ZB Irons are a combo style iron set that also add to the already sleek line up coming from Titleist. They tend to be a bit pricier than most other irons, but then again they are some of the most well made clubs on the market.

Titleist 909H

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The 909H is the newest hybrid from Titleist and will be available this November. It will definetly be one of the sleekest looking hybrids on the market, and the few people that have hit it already say its really solid.

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