The Rise of Sun Mountain Golf Bags

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Buying a golf bag is not an easy objective. Every golfer is different when it comes to wants and needs as is a golf bag. Sure there are high-priced, luxury bags that could rival the features of a Porsche, but is that really necessary? The first step to buying a golf bag is to answer that question. The buyer must determine exactly what is required of the bag. Furthermore, will this bag need to be brand new with tags and warrantee included or can this accessory be gently used and still do the job?

One brand that is worth considering when shopping around for a quality, functional bag is Sun Mountain. The company, based in Missoula, Montana, is one of the lesser known brands in the golf world, but is nonetheless qualified to provide a great product. Sun Mountain offers both style and functionality in every model, but what Sun Mountain also offers is variety: many colors, accessories, and additions are available on the regular and custom markets.

So what styles or models of Sun Mountain Golf Bags and how do they compare to other brands? Sun Mountain boasts twenty-three lines of golf bags. From shoulder carrying bags to cart bags, ladies bags, and collegiate bags, Sun Mountain bags stay competitive with other brands and in some cases are very similar, but with a unique design twist that separates it from its competitors. For example, the Zero-G line of bags feature seven waterproof pockets, a water bottle pouch, three handles for an easy carry, a contoured strap system for comfort and functionality and being able to carry 14 clubs, balls, and whatever else a golfer may bring on the course.

Ready to purchase a Sun Mountain Golf Bag? There are a few things to consider before writing the check to the local sporting goods cashier. Sun Mountain is a national brand so they can be purchased at Sun Mountain Outlets, Golf Smith Retail Stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods as well as other national stores and local pro-shops. Buying used may be a cost saving maneuver and can be a great option if one discovers a gently used, quality Sun Mountain Golf Bag at a local garage sale or second-hand store. However, buying used may not allow for the exact specifications desired to be obtained, but with the purchase of a Sun Mountain Golf Bag, users are sure to be satisfied.

Prices vary based on the specific model and accessories, but a general outline can be made for Sun Mountain. The cheapest, basic bag retails for $130 USD, which is certainly not the most expensive on the market, but also not necessarily the most extravagant. The outlined model comes standard with more than five pockets, ergonomic handles, full club set carrying capability and is available in a variety of colors. Again, buying a golf bag may not be the most exciting purchase, but it serves a specific purpose and can add some flare to any golfer’s experience.


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