Titleist Golf Bags: The Most Talked About for a Reason

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Titleist Golf Bags are one of the most purchased and reviewed brand of bags on the market. Known for its superior quality, reasonable pricing, and complex features, Titleist stands out from the other brands and for good reason. The company itself, Titleist, is a global competitor in terms of clubs, bags, balls and other golf related accessories so it is no wonder why so many people buy and review this brand. Based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Titleist offers more than twenty varieties of golf bags: each with unique features and functions.

One of the more popular model of bags is Lightweight Stand Bag. This particular model features a six way club divider, cart friendly bottoms, an ergonomic shoulder strap and handle, several pockets for balls, tees, apparel, scorecard, and water bottle and comes in nine different colors or schemes. The stand bags also are known for their incredible stability with the tripod rubber-tipped legs and foot stand for automatic balancing. Because this is one of the more popular models, it can be found at most national sporting good stores like Golf Smith or Dick’s as well as some local pro-shops. However, Titleist does offer many different styles of bags that are not so easy to find. What if one is in the market for a custom or rare Titleist Golf Bag? No problem. The company is a fierce competitor so it is always wanting to grow clientele and live up to its commitment to its customers and products.

Another note about Titleist is that they are the official sponsor to many professional golfers including Steve Sticker, Geoff Ogilvy, Adam Scott, Angel Cabrera, and newcomer Rory Mcllroy. Luke Donald also is sponsored by Titleist and uses a custom S83 style bag on tour, but may switch to the more lightweight, flexible lightweight model when not in front of the cameras and away from his caddy. Prices of Titleist Golf Bags vary depending on the amenities it offers as well as the overall size: the more clubs to carry, the higher the price tag. Also, material does contribute to the overall cost and weight of the product so if someone is not willing to carry a thirty pound bag plus clubs, then perhaps the S83 model is not the right choice.

No matter the final style decided upon, Titleist is committed to its product and customers so having that assurance should be a comfort in itself. Titleist offers warrantees and even repairs for damaged bags, which is a great service to consider when a tee or umbrella punctures the delicate, yet durable material. Titeist Golf Bags are some of the most popular for a reason and aside from reading every review, it will take the act of purchasing one to find out why.


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