Woman Hit in the Head by Bill Murray

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Last Friday at the Outback Pro-Am in Tampa, Bill Murray accidentally hit a golf ball into Gayle DiMaggio’s backyard. Unfortunately, DiMaggio was standing in her back yard at the time, and the ball smashed her in the head!

Despite needing several stitches and feeling like she was “having a stroke”, DiMaggio spoke nicely of Bill: “He came over and laid down on the ground with me and he was very concerned, asking if I was OK.”

She continued: “Once he knew I was OK and not seriously hurt, then he started joking with me, asking how many fingers he was holding up.”

On the next day of Pro-Am, Bill came back to DiMaggio’s backyard to see how she was feeling, and signed a copy of Caddyshack, per her request.

Meanwhile, marshals wore hard hats for the remainder of the round.

Also, Bill Murray was seen looking unbelievably old.


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