Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select


The Scotty Cameron Studio Select was released earlier this year and is definitely one of the best putters on the market. Aside from its super clean look it sports an array of features, customization being one of the most notable.

The head is made from milled 303 Stainless Steel and has heel & toe circular sole weights that allow for multiple length options in each model. This new weighting system gives a golfer the ability to change the length of the putter without losing the feel required for that specific length.

According to Scotty Cameron, "Most putter heads are only weighted for 35-inch shafts and therefore, are much too light for shorter lengths, or too heavy for longer lengths.  Too often the same heads are placed in shafts of all lengths.  The result is the golfer having to hit at the ball instead of being able to stroke the ball, and that creates distance control problems.  The Studio Select putter line delivers a wide range of specifications and options, designed to accommodate a wider range of golfer requirements."

As we posted earlier, TaylorMade will be following the weighted putter idea in the coming months with the Monza Spider, which features a similar heel & toe weighting system.

Titleist 909H

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The 909H is the newest hybrid from Titleist and will be available this November. It will definetly be one of the sleekest looking hybrids on the market, and the few people that have hit it already say its really solid.

TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider Putter

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The TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider Putter looks similar to some of the older Rossa mallet style putters, but has a few new interesting features.

The first thing we noticed was the use of removable weights in the rear wings of the head, which can be changed depending on the players preference. This seems to be one of the best and least gimmicky allocations of TaylorMade's "Movable Weight Technology" since the design of a putter is almost completely preference based. Now golfers will be able to add or subtract weight to their putters, without the use of crappy lead tape.

The putter also has a steel wire-frame head construction with light aluminum core that pushes increased weight to the perimeter, boosting MOI to promote remarkably consistent distance on off-center hits. Lastly, it has an AGSI®+ Technology insert with 14 tightly positioned grooves which promote more efficient forward spin for a smoother roll.

The Spider has been seen on tour for a few months now and has already claimed a win by use of JB Holmes at the FBR Open.

All in all this putter looks extremely useful and will be quite the spectacle as it finds its way into more golf bags this year.

Ping S57 Irons

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The Ping S57's have received nothing but rave reviews from tour players and others that have had a chance to hit them. They've added a tungsten toe weight to contribute to a higher moment-of-inertia and dual stabilizing bars to provide an optimized center of gravity location. These new features, along with the new chrome finish, offer a similar ping blade feel and absolutely make for one awesome club.  All of these things help produce a solid feel while  maintaining the control you would expect to get from a blade design.

Even though Ping still uses cast irons instead of forged, the new S57's are said to maintain a large amount of feel and softness. They also have a great color coordinated fitting system that cannot be overlooked when considering this set of clubs.

These Irons ship out sometime next month if ordered now on golf smith, and were just recently released.

Nike Air Zoom Elite II, Air Zoom Tour

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The Nike Air Zoom Elite II and Air Zoom Tour were just released this past September. They will continue to be released in multiple colors and styles through out the next few months. This will also include the Tiger Edition(bottom picture) sometime in November.

Taylor Made Tour Burner TP

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Even though the Tour Burner TP was released earlier this year, it is still our favorite driver coming from Taylor Made recently. They seem to insist on flooding the market with "gimmicky" expensive drivers in order to create hype. However, we feel that this one has done a decent job at standing out.

The 450cc driver has a high launch angle and lower spin. It maintains a semi-clean look, only 3 changeable weights, and the TP logo that just seems to be synonymous with great golf clubs from Taylor Made.

Victory Red Nike Irons

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The Nike Victory Red Irons are just one segment of an entire new collection set to start shipping on November 1st. They will also be releasing wedges, woods, and balls as well, but we felt as though the irons were the highlight of the line because of their look, and our positive experiences with other Nike irons in the past.

They will come in the three different sets listed above: Victory Red Forged TW Blade, Victory Red Forged Split Cavity Irons, and Victory Red Full Cavity Irons

The entire Victory Red line was obviously created with a large amount of Tiger inspiration, as most Nike Golf gear usually is; however, its funny to think about all the Pro's on Tour that will see his initials every time they take a club out of their bags.

Update: The tour edition blades have been seen with player specific initials.

Adidas TOUR360 LTD

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Adidas Tour 360 LTDThe TOUR360 LTD golf shoe, released in 2008, seems to be the best looking of the latest shoes coming from Adidas. They have a newly added construction feature called "THIN-Tech" that lowers the golfer to the ground, supposedly providing increased feedback and comfort.

Overall, its an awesome looking shoe that pretty closely resembles the original 360's that everyone loved. Cant really say the same for the new Adidas 360 3.0's.

Titleist Golf Bags: The Most Talked About for a Reason

Titleist Golf Bags are one of the most purchased and reviewed brand of bags on the market. Known for its superior quality, reasonable pricing, and complex features, Titleist stands out from the other brands and for good reason. The company itself, Titleist, is a global competitor in terms of clubs, bags, balls and other golf related accessories so it is no wonder why so many people buy and review this brand. Based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Titleist offers more than twenty varieties of golf bags: each with unique features and functions.

One of the more popular model of bags is Lightweight Stand Bag. This particular model features a six way club divider, cart friendly bottoms, an ergonomic shoulder strap and handle, several pockets for balls, tees, apparel, scorecard, and water bottle and comes in nine different colors or schemes. The stand bags also are known for their incredible stability with the tripod rubber-tipped legs and foot stand for automatic balancing. Because this is one of the more popular models, it can be found at most national sporting good stores like Golf Smith or Dick’s as well as some local pro-shops. However, Titleist does offer many different styles of bags that are not so easy to find. What if one is in the market for a custom or rare Titleist Golf Bag? No problem. The company is a fierce competitor so it is always wanting to grow clientele and live up to its commitment to its customers and products.

Another note about Titleist is that they are the official sponsor to many professional golfers including Steve Sticker, Geoff Ogilvy, Adam Scott, Angel Cabrera, and newcomer Rory Mcllroy. Luke Donald also is sponsored by Titleist and uses a custom S83 style bag on tour, but may switch to the more lightweight, flexible lightweight model when not in front of the cameras and away from his caddy. Prices of Titleist Golf Bags vary depending on the amenities it offers as well as the overall size: the more clubs to carry, the higher the price tag. Also, material does contribute to the overall cost and weight of the product so if someone is not willing to carry a thirty pound bag plus clubs, then perhaps the S83 model is not the right choice.

No matter the final style decided upon, Titleist is committed to its product and customers so having that assurance should be a comfort in itself. Titleist offers warrantees and even repairs for damaged bags, which is a great service to consider when a tee or umbrella punctures the delicate, yet durable material. Titeist Golf Bags are some of the most popular for a reason and aside from reading every review, it will take the act of purchasing one to find out why.

The Rise of Sun Mountain Golf Bags

Buying a golf bag is not an easy objective. Every golfer is different when it comes to wants and needs as is a golf bag. Sure there are high-priced, luxury bags that could rival the features of a Porsche, but is that really necessary? The first step to buying a golf bag is to answer that question. The buyer must determine exactly what is required of the bag. Furthermore, will this bag need to be brand new with tags and warrantee included or can this accessory be gently used and still do the job?

One brand that is worth considering when shopping around for a quality, functional bag is Sun Mountain. The company, based in Missoula, Montana, is one of the lesser known brands in the golf world, but is nonetheless qualified to provide a great product. Sun Mountain offers both style and functionality in every model, but what Sun Mountain also offers is variety: many colors, accessories, and additions are available on the regular and custom markets.

So what styles or models of Sun Mountain Golf Bags and how do they compare to other brands? Sun Mountain boasts twenty-three lines of golf bags. From shoulder carrying bags to cart bags, ladies bags, and collegiate bags, Sun Mountain bags stay competitive with other brands and in some cases are very similar, but with a unique design twist that separates it from its competitors. For example, the Zero-G line of bags feature seven waterproof pockets, a water bottle pouch, three handles for an easy carry, a contoured strap system for comfort and functionality and being able to carry 14 clubs, balls, and whatever else a golfer may bring on the course.

Ready to purchase a Sun Mountain Golf Bag? There are a few things to consider before writing the check to the local sporting goods cashier. Sun Mountain is a national brand so they can be purchased at Sun Mountain Outlets, Golf Smith Retail Stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods as well as other national stores and local pro-shops. Buying used may be a cost saving maneuver and can be a great option if one discovers a gently used, quality Sun Mountain Golf Bag at a local garage sale or second-hand store. However, buying used may not allow for the exact specifications desired to be obtained, but with the purchase of a Sun Mountain Golf Bag, users are sure to be satisfied.

Prices vary based on the specific model and accessories, but a general outline can be made for Sun Mountain. The cheapest, basic bag retails for $130 USD, which is certainly not the most expensive on the market, but also not necessarily the most extravagant. The outlined model comes standard with more than five pockets, ergonomic handles, full club set carrying capability and is available in a variety of colors. Again, buying a golf bag may not be the most exciting purchase, but it serves a specific purpose and can add some flare to any golfer’s experience.

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