TaylorMade R9 Driver

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The newest driver from the TaylorMade machine should be quite impressive, to say the least. Rumors are still flying around about it's actual release date, but it sounds like it could be as late as 2010. We will keep you updated as we find out more, but for now here's what we do know about the club.

The R9 will feature full adjustability in that it will combine 3 movable weights with TM's newest technology-Flight Control Technology (FCT). FCT gives the golfer the ability to adjust the club head to affect face angle and loft. MWT and FCT give 75 yards of left to right adjustability, 3 degrees of launch angle adjustability, and up to 1800 rpm of spin adjustability. The club head can be rotated into one of eight positions, giving the ability to adjust from 2 degrees closed to 2 degrees open (actual measured face angle will be square to four open, though visually, 4 open looks 2 open to the golfer). This is done by a wrench and turning the club head onto the axis of the shaft. The three movable weights are in similar positions to r7 Limited. The result to the golfer will be the ability to have an open club face while still promoting a draw, for example.

taylormade-r9-5It's really 24 drivers in one.

The club head has a large address, similar to the r7 SuperQuad, though TM did not make this as large a club head as the Burner, for example. This is, according to TaylorMade, the optimal size demanded by the most discerning players.

They are launching this on Tour at the end of January, though many Tour pros have been testing the club already. Some say that it is the best driver ever produced.

The stock shaft on it will be Fujikura's brand new Tour platform, called "Motore" and it will be the only club in the market with Motore in the stock offering. TP shafts will be offered at a $100 ($499 street retail) upgrade and will be assorted offerings from Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Matrix, and Aldila.

There is NO difference in the head between the TP and non TP versions. The
driver will not have any TP graphics on the head. Only the shaft upgrade makes up the difference.

The FW metals will have a TP on the head. No difference in the head... just the graphic. There will also be a Rescue with the same technology. The name is simply "Rescue".

All in all, pretty exciting news! Again we will keep you up to date as new information is released, so stay tuned!

TaylorMade TP Irons – Forged Edition!

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The iron on top is a forged version of the new TaylorMade TP 2009 cast iron set. Recently they have been seen on tour being played by players such as Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson. As of now we are unsure if TaylorMade plans on releasing these to the public, but we will update with more information as it is released.

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