Spy Review – Nike VR Pro Driver

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The Nike VR Pro Tour and Nike VR Pro driver is Nike's brand new brainchild with a huge push to tour level control as well as shot-shaping. This Nike VR Pro's motto includes "It allows you to imagine more. You can imagine more choices for more distance upon more shots."


The 4 piece titanium forging alongside the thin crown in order to save weight will make the Nike VR Pro beautiful to behold. The hosel will feature thirty-two adjustable settings which permit you to target nearly all imaginable shots. Variable thickness cupface will improve the off-center hits with a larger degree of accuracy than the additional drivers. The best in tech talk includes the "Compression Channel," that’s made to equate to quicker ball speed for both off-center as well as on-center hits.

Lofts: 11.5, 10.5, 9.5 and 8.5.

Here include some actual golfer feedback:

"The appearance works for everybody...feel and sound is powerful!"

"A sweet hit is nearly hydraulic, and the hang time is awesome!"

"The appearance is a lot more conventional."

"If Tiger places it inside his bag, he may find his game once again!"

Golf Gear Select Cons and Pros

Adjustability of the driver is amazing, albeit more enjoyed by the better golfer for shot-shaping. The brand new appearance ought to fit a majority of players. The only channel is a brand new technology which is keen upon raising ball speed... a fantastic concept. Finally, including the brand new Project X Graphite is absolutely no slouch. It is still early, yet the major driver makers are fiddling with the shaft length. This one includes 45-3/4 that might affect a few golfers who are used to the 46-- this remains to be seen. Also, it seems most players don’t yet believe Nike to be a major player within the driver field. It shouldn’t be an issue for the marketing mogul Nike, yet nonetheless, will be intriguing to witness if they could push the driver upon the exact same scale as the Callaway as well as the TaylorMade.

My Rating includes a:


My Final Thoughts on the Nike VR Pro Driver

There isn’t any doubt that the brand new Nike VR Pro Tour, as well as the Nike VR Pro driver will gain a bit of traction. Every bit of this technology that is bundled into a single driver will be enough to make most players salivate!

Spy Review – Ping G15 Driver

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The brand new Ping G15 driver was presented this year and its popularity continuously grows at a shocking rate primarily because of its appeal to a huge array of golfers. The Ping G15 is for golfers who seek longer distances off the tee with an aspect of forgiveness, as well as control.

A quicker ball speed is the byproduct of the bigger face. However, the greatest highlight includes the brand new high balance point which produces a higher launch as well as a rise in moment of inertia.

This 460 cc titanium head will be longer on the front to back than its predecessor, as well as will feature Ping's signature ultra-thin crown technology that will offer a boost in all-around performance. The weight savings from this thin crown paired with it becoming positioned as an outside sole will result in frequently higher trajectories as well as decreased spin rates.

Ping G15 Specifications

Loft Length Offset Lie Head Weight Swing Weight

9° 45.75" No 58.0° 204 grams D3
10.5° 45.75" No 58.0° 204 grams D3
12.0° 45.75" No 58.0° 204 grams D3
13.5° 45.75" No 58.0° 204 grams D3

Actual Golfer Feedback

"I just adore my Ping G15 Driver! I possess the twelve degree soft regular and I am amazed at the difference within the distance as compared to my older driver!"

"I bought my Ping G15 driver around one month ago and following four rounds with it, I could honestly state it’s firmly in the bag."

"The Ping G15 driver obviously sank lots of cash into R & D prior to coming out with this bad boy."


This is a driver that is made for the masses as well as possesses several fine qualities which fits a majority of profiles. You really cannot go wrong with this one.


There aren’t many, however if I was forced to pinpoint a chip within the armor, it’d be in shaft choice. The stock shaft choice is always underneath scrutiny with me, but the Ping TFC 149D, as well as the Aldila Serrano 60 tend to be a bit of a short list for such a common driver.

Overall Rating

There is maximum forgiveness, accuracy, as well as distance that will all be rolled within a single neat package referred to as the Ping G15. This Ping G15 driver will be a must have for any avid player of golf.

Spy Review – Cleveland Launcher Ultra Lite Series Driver

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Cleveland's 2nd generation of lightweight drivers has come on the scene with excellent feedback and results. The brand new Cleveland Launcher Ultra Lite Series driver provides the TL, SL, and XL, SL Series sure to fit nearly any kind of swing and golfer... which includes Cleveland's objective.


To provide you a thought of how light this new Launcher is, the newer 2011' 270 g version includes a complete 25 g lighter than the previous year's Launcher DST. Lighter shafts and drivers are absolutely a hot concept and technology right now. As you could create the technology needed to withstand the power and torque of the average swing as well as still produce lighter materials, the final result is a rise in ball speed, distance, power, and eventually control is an extra bonus.

The Launcher XL270

This is thought to be the lightest driver today in golf. This XL270 was engineered with a single thought in mind - optimal head speed when sustaining the forgiveness attribute that Cleveland will be well-known for. This XL270 will come with the hottest golf shafts upon the PGA Tour, Miyazaki Kua 39 Series.

The Launcher XL 270 Draw

The exact same characteristics of XL270 Draw will apply as XL270, just with a draw bias of two degrees closed. It offers the average player a straighter ball flight for an unwarranted slice or fade.

The Launcher SL 290

It’s similar to XL270 with a shorter stock shaft than XL, as well as twenty grams heavier. Nonetheless, this SL290 comes twenty-five grams lighter than many of the drivers upon the marketplace today. It additionally comes with a Miyazaki C. Kua forty-three gram shaft.

The Launcher TL 310

It’s designed more for the tour-caliber golfers. It’s the lightest driver on tour with the intention of delivering quicker ball speeds as it still allows a workability feature, mandatory on tour.

The Pros/Cons

The lightweight drivers are absolutely coming of age, as the lighter weights produce a lot quicker ball speeds as well as longer results. Miyazaki shaft as the stock option will be an absolute plus! Alongside the lighter weight driver concept comes the longer driver shaft that I disagree with. The average golfer ought to be utilizing shorter shafts, not the longer ones. Of course, it’s only an opinion, yet the longer shaft negates the power gained and replaces it with a harder swing to manage, that’s counter intuitive to Cleveland's objective with the release... Cleveland pushes the limit with this over 46” shaft.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I liked the brand new Cleveland Launcher Ultra Lite Series Driver. Many golfers will discover the lesser weight will eventually raise distance. The sole issue I have includes adding length toward the stock shaft that I hope players decide against.

Spy Review – X Series Jaws CC Wedges

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X Series Jaws CC Wedges, engineered by Roger Cleveland, Callaway’s Chief Designer, will feature the brand new Tour CC Grooves which will meet Condition of Competition upon Tour, presently the sole location they’re needed for play. Callaway's signature groove pattern will produce an advanced spin, even underneath the brand new United States of Golf Association’s rules. C-Grind Sole, as well as classical head design will assure versatility for a short game as it provides a Tour-level feel from the soft forged construction of 1020 carbon steel.

These X Series Jaws CC Wedges are obtainable just upon Callaway’s Forged products.The signature groove pattern will pack up to forty percent more grooves on the clubface. All testing has proven that these grooves will generate the most spin upon the shots out of the rough as they are compared to additional makers.

The CC Grooves: Will include twenty-one tightly spaced grooves that have sharper edges because of the superior Triple Net Forging process that will offer the optimum conforming region capacity, that will provide the highest spin levels as well as control out of a rough as it is compared with additional club makers.

It has versatility for precision shot-making: The special grind choice has been created to work with every club head’s bounce and loft angle for regular turf interaction. This C-Grind® sole, that is discovered upon the higher bounce offerings, will allow a golfer to lay the face open as he keeps the leading edge down – permitting for more bounce without having to compromise playability. The design will relieve the toe, heel, as well as trailing edge, that will result within a 'C' shape upon your sole.

Soft feedback as well as feel: The higher-grade forged carbon steel will provide a golfer a better feedback as well as feel around the golf greens. A special Triple Net Forging process will permit Callaway to make grooves which will generate more of a spin as well as control around the golf greens.

Shaft options as well as finish: The extended lineup will involve lofts that are obtainable in either a brushed or a slate chrome finish as well as the Fujikura 85 graphite shafts or the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts.

Here include some of the pros of the X Series Jaws CC Wedges:

• Solid Feel
• Smooth
• Good grip
• Forgiving
• Easy to hit
• Accurate

Best uses for the X Series Jaws CC Wedges:

• Rough; and
• Fairway

Spy Review – Diablo Octane Tour Black Driver by Callaway

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The Diablo Octane Tour Black drivers mark the presentation of the revolutionary newer material referred to as Forged Composite. This Forged Composite was created in connection with their Development and Research partner Automobili Lamborghini and includes the strongest, lightest, most precise material golfers have ever utilized. It’s permitted the designers to create an enhanced club head that has a bigger transfer of power at impact as well as more accurate trajectories than this driver’s all-titanium predecessors.

This Forged Composite crown, that’s 1/3 the density of titanium, will mean that the MOI (Moment of Inertia) and CG (Center of Gravity) within this Diablo Octane Black Tour will precisely be set for maximum launch and as its more efficient and lighter club head has been coupled with a longer 45” shaft to power for longer distances as well as raise the club head speed.

Diablo Octane Black Tour units have a smaller head size than Diablo Octane Black Drivers, a complete hosel, and a more open look at address that’s preferred by skilled golfers. These drivers additionally benefit from Callaway’s signature Hyperbolic Face Technology in order to offer a bigger sweet spot and better impact effectiveness adding a median distance of 5 yards to golfers’ drives.

With an amazing black PVD finish, made especially for the European marketplace, and Project X Graphite shafts as the standard, Callaway Golf produced within this Diablo Octane Black Tour driver a technical performance level and aesthetic excellence which is perfectly custom-made for those advanced golfers.

Quicker swing speeds reap the advantages here, yet the ones searching for distance that come from a higher first launch ought to consider the head’s standard version. The different flight in between the Tour and standard versions is clear. For quicker swingers who usually generate excessive spins, the driver within the right spec ought to provide an ideal flight.

Many Low-Handicappers Will Choose the Diablo Octane Tour Model

The Diablo Octane driver’s marketing campaign touts eight more distance yards. That’s a great attention grabber - who does not wish to be utilizing one club less on the green? Yet real-world testing alongside testing upon simulators proved these gains were harder to come by, as well as within a few instances did not come at all. A strong one-handicapper tested Diablo Octane and Diablo Edge drivers with the exact same specs upon a launch monitor. This longer shaft upon the Octane resulted in higher swing speeds as well as greater ball speed, yet an additional result included more off-center hits as well as a reduction in the median driving distance. The highly skilled one-handicapper was losing in between five to eight yards with the Octane, as compared with the Diablo Edge. However, it must be noted, that the one-handicappers out there will be more likely to choose the Tour model.

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