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In March 2005, with the help of PGA Tour Player Padreigh Harrington, sports footwear brand HI-TEC launched what it considers to be "the world's most innovative golf shoe technology ever." And now after 11 years of working together, Hi-Tec's newest and most expensive shoe is the CDT Super Power Tour. This is the same shoe that Harrington currently wears and we feel that it qualifies as one of the most interesting golf products on the market today.

The biggest selling point to these shoes aside from their cool modern look, would be that they add distance, power, and accuracy to your golf game, literally! At first this sounded a bit ridiculous to us, but the tests and stats are there to prove it!

Researches at Hi-Tec recorded and analyzed Harrington's foot movement not only with high speed film but also utilizing force platforms and specially developed analytical software. Together they came to the conclusion that the longer a player's center of gravity can continue towards the target, the more energy is directed there - improving distance, power, and accuracy. They also found that a large part of this energy is channeled through a players feet, and can be majorly effected by many different factors that rely on the design of the golf shoe. The measurement of energy used in this research is called Longitudinal Stability Index (LSI).

The results of Harrington hitting a 5 iron were as follows: Bare Feet - 65%, Hi-Tec Custom V-Lite shoes - 78%, NEW Hi-Tec CDT Power shoes - 94%

In tests conducted at the 2004 US Open, Harrington, using the same club and ball as in 2003, but using the CDT Power shoes, increased his ball speed from 166 mph to 173 mph. He was also hitting the ball consistently longer and in December of 2005 and was the leader in driving distance on The European Tour with an average of 320.6 yards. Needless to say he still wears the shoes today, and agrees that these are some of the best performance enhancing shoes in golf.

We are of the opinion that if they look and feel great, why not see if they can add the distance, power, and accuracy they claim to give as well.

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