2010 PGA Show: SkyGolf SkyCaddie SGX

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If your into golf and electronics, then you may need to check this out. SkyGolf released the new SkyCaddie SGX at the 2010 PGA Show and it makes some great strides at being more than just a simple GPS. The SGX is now part caddie.

This rangefinder uses a new technology called SmartClub that you put on the top of your grips. It allows the machine to identify the clubs without the need to enter them in manually. After a few practice sessions it will automatically learn your game and make club recommendations according to the specific situation and distance. So when you want to pull out what you think should be a 6 iron, the SGX will quietly remind you that your either crazy or simply mistaken about your abilities. Reaching that back of the green pin placement will take at least a 5 iron you goof, and the SGX isn't afraid to tell you.

Another cool added feature to the new SkyCaddie SGX is the social networking golf data. You will be able to share your game stats, including scores, shot distance, and even what's in your bag with friends, an instructorm or anyone else you wish to share with.

And if you don't have an instructor, or opinionated friends that think they can help, the SGX has you covered. The ClubSG that stores your information online can suggest a pro that will help you fix that ugly mess of swing.

One last perk... You don't have to tip the SkyCaddie a Grant(50 dollar bill) at the end of your round.

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