Spy Chick of the Month – August ’11

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We thought we'd stick with this blogs roots and post up a Spy Chick of the month for everyone. This month is a video of a girl in a bikini dancing on the golf course. Apparently her name is Brittany and whatever she is drinking made her brave enough to shake her rump for the gawkers on the course.  Best part is the dude taking the video and egging her on.  Actually... that's the second best part.

Spy Chick Of The Month – April

We have been falling behind on our Spy Chick Of The Month updates, so here's a good one that should hold you over for a while. You may recoginize her from the tire comercial where a car comes to a road block, and a group of thugs yell at the driver over a megaphone "give us your tires, or your life." The driver then throws this chick(Bar Refaeli) out of the car and drives away, assuming that the gang was asking for his tires or his "wife." Needless to say, if you like tires that much, your odd.

Image Via [sportscracklepop.com]

Spy Chick Of The Month – June

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Double shot of some SpyGolfer Spy Chicks. Im sure they'd be honored to know that they made the cut.

Spy Chick Of The Month – May

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Here at SpyGolfer.com we like to provide our readers with a little light entertainment. Our Spy Chick for May is none other than the lovely Megan Fox, who looks stunning as ever in the picture below. Our Spy Chick for June is certainly going have a tough time topping this gorgeous pic.

Golf might be our passion but, sadly, we can't be out on the green all the time. So when you're not searching online for the latest golf clubs we suggest you stop by and check out our latest Spy Chick. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Spy Chick Of The Month – March

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This month's Spy Chick of the month is from Spike.com. Watch the video for a great golf tip!

Spy Chick Of The Month – February

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This is our most recent Spy Chick Of The Month for February.

We would like to know what our readers think. Should we keep posting Spy Chicks Of The Month, or is it becoming a tired category that just takes away from the other golf posts? We happen to think it's an awesome idea, and we would like to keep posting them. But let us know what you think.

Normally we like to keep SpyGolfer.com a little more edgy and exciting than your average golf blog. But from time to time we get complaints. So once in a while it's nice to hear from our supporters as well.

Here's a hilarious example of a recent email complaint we received:

"Rob should be fired for using the word Pissed in his article about the USGA golf rule concerning grooves. I have grandchildren who use the computer and shouldn't have to see the word PISSED as part of headlines to his article. This was in poor taste!" - Ed

Can you imagine how "PISSED" Ed would be if he saw our Spy Chicks Of The Month? Maybe hot chicks don't bother him as much.

2010 PGA Show: Williams Unveils $50,000 Set Of Clubs

Williams Formula One sure added some flair to this year's PGA Show. We're not completely sure why the racing company decided to throw their hat into the ring, but at least they did it in style. Williams Formula One girls were there to promote a new limited set of golf clubs that they have priced at $50,000. The set is called the Black Diamond Series, and according to their press release, the set provides the "Ultimate Golf Experience." In our opinion, it better be one hell of an experience for $50k! Might even need to throw in the girl and the car to seal the deal.

Understanding each individual golfers needs are unique, a Williams's expert club maker will custom fit and tailor each piece of equipment to the specific needs of the player. Maximizing and utilizing all fitting aspects will ensure the highest level of success that the Black Diamond Series can offer. The player will also receive a personalized 100% Italian leather custom Williams golf bag handmade in Italy by Schedoni, and will be a VIP Guest of the team of any F1 event of his choosing. The Black Diamond Series package carries a price tag of $50,000.00.

Williams will also be selling two more moderately priced sets - the Golf Series and the Players Series. Both of which will come with the engineering and design experience of Williams Formula One. Again, not really sure how racing engineering is relavent to golf, but you gotta love the chutzpah.

Spy Chick of the Month – November

Sexy Golfer

We went 'random chick holding a golf club' for November.

Spy Chick of the Month: October – Anna Rawson


Anna Rawson was Spy Chick of the Month for August; so why not October too?

Spy Chick of the Month: August – Anna Rawson

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Anna-rawsonLately, she's been seen in the news giving her suggestions on how to fix the many problems that the LPGA faces. Click here to see her ESPN interview.

Anna's Bio

Anna graduated from US with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, a minor in Fine Arts, receiving the PAC 10 scholar athlete award 3 straight years. For the first time, Anna dedicated herself to golf full time and started working with professional golf coaches.

She finished top 10 in her first professional event, 5th in the Orient Masters in China, and qualified for the Futures Tour with ease. In 2007, with a top twenty finish at Q-School, Anna qualified for the LPGA.

Off the course Anna continues to model for corporate campaigns, high-end brands, and fashon magazines. Her interest in fashion led her to become the spokeswoman and assistant creative director for the J.Lindeberg women's golf line.

Call Anna's Cell (creepy, but cool)

Rawson is the first professional golfer to establish a cell phone number her fans can call and leave messages for her.

The number — 213-785-7675 — allows her fans to leave personal messages. She says she listens to the messages and even returns some of the calls.

She added she likes the personal touch of the cell phone contact with fans and believes it's a more personal way to keep in touch with them than mailing an autographed photo.

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