Come on – Hit It Already – I’m Falling Asleep Over Here

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It used to be I could keep my attention focused during a round of golf. Am I losing what patience I have left? Or, is it not just charity events that take over five hours to play these days? Seems as if it is a persistent problem wherever I play.

Blame the pros – kind of

How often do we see Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, etc look at a putt from every conceivable side of the hole and then have their caddy peer in as well? And what’s with the Camilo Villegas human crab position as he reads a putt? But remember, this is their livelihood so I guess they deserve some slack. But hey, even tour rounds are out of control as there is little or no enforcement of their own slow play rules. I swear I could get a massage at the Broadmoor and Sundara during some of their pre-shot routines.

It’s time to play by, and enforce, some semblance of pace of play on the pro tours. Now is their time to show the average golfer that they need not consult a wind gauge, yardage book, laser, trusted putt reader, topographical map and course psychiatrist before every stroke.

Some Suggestions

  • Whoever gets to the tee box first….tee it up! Honors is best reserved for education.
  • If one of your group hits it in the woods… didn’t all hit it in the woods!  Have one person help out (remember there is a time limit to look) while the rest go to their balls and hit.
  • Have a pre-shot routine….just don’t have it include a beer, a smoke, a laser reading, phone call, an audience, and a Sergio Garcia like 16 practice swings.
  • If you take a cart……drop one person at their ball and take the cart to your ball. Don’t sit, wait and watch the first player hit! Also, always take one club more and one less than what you think the correct club will be. Don’t walk all the way back across the fairway to get another club.
  • If you’re having a horrible hole or round…….feel free to pick up your ball on occasion and put it in the safety of your pocket before things get worse. The game is freaking difficult…….this will ease your frustration and keep things moving for all.
  • If you shoot over 80 and/or are aged 40 or over, please do not attempt the Villegas crab (as I recently witnessed on a public course) when reading greens. It’s embarrassing to need help getting up only to be carted off to your chiropractor.

These are but a few of the many things you can do to speed up play, enjoy the game more, save your marriage and avoid a police APB for being gone from sun up to sun down for one round of golf.


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  1. JRC

    I am all for speeding up play as long as it doesn’t mean pushing people to not make a reasonable effort to sink a putt, or spend about 1 minute looking quickly for a ball. Some people, who typically play poorly, try to make up for their poor play by playing as fast as they can somehow thinking that will make up for their lack of practice. Golf is meant to be enjoyed. If you’re in a rush, maybe that’s not a very good day to play.

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