Spy Review – Diablo Octane Tour Black Driver by Callaway

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The Diablo Octane Tour Black drivers mark the presentation of the revolutionary newer material referred to as Forged Composite. This Forged Composite was created in connection with their Development and Research partner Automobili Lamborghini and includes the strongest, lightest, most precise material golfers have ever utilized. It’s permitted the designers to create an enhanced club head that has a bigger transfer of power at impact as well as more accurate trajectories than this driver’s all-titanium predecessors.

This Forged Composite crown, that’s 1/3 the density of titanium, will mean that the MOI (Moment of Inertia) and CG (Center of Gravity) within this Diablo Octane Black Tour will precisely be set for maximum launch and as its more efficient and lighter club head has been coupled with a longer 45” shaft to power for longer distances as well as raise the club head speed.

Diablo Octane Black Tour units have a smaller head size than Diablo Octane Black Drivers, a complete hosel, and a more open look at address that’s preferred by skilled golfers. These drivers additionally benefit from Callaway’s signature Hyperbolic Face Technology in order to offer a bigger sweet spot and better impact effectiveness adding a median distance of 5 yards to golfers’ drives.

With an amazing black PVD finish, made especially for the European marketplace, and Project X Graphite shafts as the standard, Callaway Golf produced within this Diablo Octane Black Tour driver a technical performance level and aesthetic excellence which is perfectly custom-made for those advanced golfers.

Quicker swing speeds reap the advantages here, yet the ones searching for distance that come from a higher first launch ought to consider the head’s standard version. The different flight in between the Tour and standard versions is clear. For quicker swingers who usually generate excessive spins, the driver within the right spec ought to provide an ideal flight.

Many Low-Handicappers Will Choose the Diablo Octane Tour Model

The Diablo Octane driver’s marketing campaign touts eight more distance yards. That’s a great attention grabber - who does not wish to be utilizing one club less on the green? Yet real-world testing alongside testing upon simulators proved these gains were harder to come by, as well as within a few instances did not come at all. A strong one-handicapper tested Diablo Octane and Diablo Edge drivers with the exact same specs upon a launch monitor. This longer shaft upon the Octane resulted in higher swing speeds as well as greater ball speed, yet an additional result included more off-center hits as well as a reduction in the median driving distance. The highly skilled one-handicapper was losing in between five to eight yards with the Octane, as compared with the Diablo Edge. However, it must be noted, that the one-handicappers out there will be more likely to choose the Tour model.


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