Going the Distance with Callaway Golf Irons

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Callaway Golf Irons are one of the best-known, purchased, and recommended brands of irons and clubs available today. The Callaway Company was founded in the wine country region of California and has been the epitome of luxury and style since its inception in 1983. Today, Callaway irons can be found across the country in a number of major retail chains as well as local pro-shops and clubhouses. Some of the notable professionals that use Callaway products and irons specifically are Master’s winners Trevor Immelman, Phil Mickelson, and Gary Player as well as LPGA stars Annika Sorenstam and Morgan Pressel.

Because the irons are the most utilized and important clubs in any golfer’s bag, Callaway is committed to excellence in its short and long range iron collections. Made from the highest quality and researched materials as well as being heavily designed and tested, Callaway Golf Irons are some of the best performing clubs that money can buy. Irons are typically sold in sets so buyers should be aware of the costs as well as the specifications of each model in order to be satisfied and have exact needs met with their set of clubs. The likelihood of finding a single club or even a set of used Callaway Golf Irons is moderate, but with the continuously changing iron technology, an investment in such a find may not be strongly recommended. However, if there is a deal to be had in used clubs, test the set out and even buy them so as to get a feel for what the older models of Callaway irons are capable of: the new editions are even better.

There are currently seven lines of Callaway Golf Irons being produced. Each line offers something unique to the player, whether it is the lightweight, composite material or a hybrid head, or even just the general style. One of the noted lines of Callaway Golf Irons is RAZR X model. With the RAZR X, golfers will benefit from the maximum distance and forgiveness design for the best possible performance and technologically diversity set available. Weighted for a loftier and farther shot, the RAZR X series leads the way for a thin framed head, flexible shaft, and precision cut grooves that allow for a better grasp on the ball.

If the old school, steel iron is not the perfect fit, consider investigating the premier line of hybrid irons that are produced by the premier golf company: Callaway. If one cannot decide on a particular model, not to fear, Callaway is profoundly committed it its customers that it schedules fitting sessions and diagnostic tests for the best possible experience and the best possible set of clubs.

No Need to Fear, Cobra Golf Irons are Here

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Cobra Golf has experienced a rich and at times, famous past. Founded by an amateur Australian golfer in 1973, the company began producing one of the most utilized and complex utility clubs of its day. By the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Cobra began pioneering graphite technology and experimenting with composite metals for its drivers, irons, and putters. In 1991, the Cobra Golf Company and its famed Cobra Golf Irons saw a boost in popularity and performance when legendary golfer, Greg Norman, began endorsing the line of products. By 1992, the King Cobra oversized iron collection became the leading line of irons in he world and the company never looked back.

Today, Cobra’s popularity may have settled, but the company’s past is as much the present and future as can be: remodeling and redesigning lines that made the company successful in the 1990’s have given new life to the Cobra name. Some of the current Cobra Golf Iron lines include Cobra S3 Max, Cobra S3 Iron-Hybrids, and Cobra S2 Forged.

In the Cobra S2 Forged line, golfers are treated to superior control, carbon steel milled grooves, and a cavity optimized for the ideal, center-out weighting. The cost of purchasing this particular set is about $600 USD, but is well worth the investment for it will radically change one’s game for the better. Hybrid models are becoming increasingly popular among amateur and even professional players because of the forgiveness and improvement to a shot that is provided with a hybrid club. In the game of hybrid irons, Cobra may be lesser known, which may be to the fault of buyers themselves. Cobra manufactures several lines that are mixed iron-hybrids and can compete directly with the more famous brands and in some cases outperform them: a reference to one Cobra S3 Max Iron-Hybrid 7 iron versus a Adams IDEA a7. Of course results may very and may not be able to be reproduced, but it only takes one great shot to go from a potential par to the beloved birdie.

Ranging in material, style, shape, and function, what seems to be the only constant across Cobra lines is that each club maintains the signature gold and black color scheme that sets Cobra apart from the other name brands of golf clubs. Another unique quality to Cobra Golf Irons is that both male and female styles are very similar in performance and upon inspection of the Cobra website, each model has an opposite gender counterpart. What this means for players is that no one gender has the advantage over the other and that the quality of the clubs are universally controlled at the manufacturing plant.

All About Discount Golf Clubs

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The game of golf is one of the most expensive games to play. Players are responsible for shoes, bags, balls, tees, gloves, and of course the clubs. Since the game can cost a small fortune just to startup and play, why carry the added expense of costly clubs? Discount Golf Clubs are the most desired and obtained element of the golfer’s game. First, potential buyers must identify what exactly is needed for their bag: driver, irons, wedges, putter, or whatever. If a whole set of clubs is wanted then buyers will have to decide whether or not a golf bag is needed too. Second, it is important to set a budget so that buyers stay within their means, but also because a thin line separates discount from full price.

Since literally anyone can learn to play golf, the ubiquity of golf supplies can bring about some incredible deals on such supplies. By investigating all available brands, not just discounted golf clubs, and discovering the benefits and flaws to each, golfers will be able get the most for their money. Used golf clubs also come at a discount as well as incomplete sets or imperfect clubs. Imperfect does not always mean that the clubs themselves are faulty, but it could mean that the grips are poor or the bag is substandard: both have nothing to do with the performance of the club head. If used clubs are available or desired, remember that a little wear and tear is okay. Price is effected by the wear and tear so be sure to carefully identify each scratch or dent and negotiate accordingly.

Brands to buy bring about another challenge to the searching buyer. Buying new clubs can offer warrantees as well as services that may come discounted, but are worth the expense as well. When buying new clubs, the most discounted models are often the lesser known names such as Acuity or Krank, which can offer similar quality as big names, but at lower prices. The potential downside to these lesser known new club brands is that they may not last as long as big brands that are built for the long haul. Used clubs bring discounts automatically and golfers can find old Callaway, Ping, Nike, or Cleveland golf clubs that will last a long time and may have a bit of history to them.

Finding a place to buy discount golf clubs is becoming increasingly easier with the growing internet and retail development. Stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Smith, and other big box style stores are just a few places to find new golf clubs at a discount, while local thrift stores, flea markets, and pro-shops can be potential sources for used or pre-owned clubs or bags.

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