How to Hit Your Driver Straighter

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It is very important for a game when it comes to delivering a great driver shot right off from the start in golf. This means that having the ability to give a clean and straight driver hit below the middle of the fairway would give all the other golfers a hard time of beating you in the course of the game. If you do not know how to hit a straight driver, you are jeopardizing your chances of positioning well in your game. It is very important to know how to be consistently good with straight driver hits, and here is a simple tip on how to hit your driver straighter.

Usually when using a big club right off the bag, it is important not to think that hitting hard would land your shots where you want to. Being big, the club is heavy, and this would create extra momentum and force with the lightest swing, hitting the ball with high power. Many golfers have this mentally which is totally wrong, and they should not go hard using big clubs. It is best to learn how to control your swing when using a big club and that alone would make you see major improvements in your hits.

A lot of golfers usually do very well throughout a game, and somehow manages to lose it all when it comes to a time to deliver a good driver shot to pass down the fairway somewhere along the back nine.

First of all, what you need to do is practice on a light and easy swing, but it has to be fluid. In time you would get a hang on the flow of the light swing, and this would deliver a nice impact on the ball, which would reduce the side-spin which causes the ball to swerve. With just this simple one tip, you would see the difference in making your driver straighter.

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